Dr. Alex McFarland on The Daily Caller | BILL-BORED: Get Ready For Atheists’ Annual Use Of Christmas To Attempt Relevancy

(This post originally appeared on dailycaller.com | Image from dailycaller.com)

By Dr. Alex McFarland

BILL-BORED: Get Ready For Atheists’ Annual Use Of Christmas To Attempt Relevancy

Now in its sixth year, the American Atheists’ annual roadside “Humbug!” proclamations elicit little more than a “ho-hum.” Each December since 2011, the atheists have put up strategically placed, carefully worded billboards urging people to turn away from Christmas. The language of the billboards basically amounts to pro-atheism-meme-copy (“It’s Christ-myth,” and “This season celebrate reason”).

So get ready, people: the American Atheists are ready again to try and save the U.S. from the season’s irascible burdens of “tidings of comfort and joy.”

But to get any sort of traction in the public consciousness, or the press, the atheists must have something to “ride on” — usually something directly or indirectly Christian. Atheism is a worldview so vacuous and essentially unlivable that an upcoming global atheist convention to be held in early 2018 was cancelled because “ticket sales have been substantially below expectations” The theme for this event was “Reason for Hope” — odd for a constituency whose core beliefs deny any transcendent foundation for life. (RELATED: Lonely, ‘Invisible’ Atheists Lament Lack Of Political Power As They Stare Into Cosmic Abyss)

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