Why Jesus Came into the World

(This post originally appeared on faithzette.com | Image from faithzette.com)

By Alex McFarland

Why Jesus Came into the World

Christmas is infinitely more meaningful when we understand the reasons for Our Lord’s arrival on this earth as a small infant

One of our cherished Christmas traditions is setting out a manger scene that has been in the family for generations.

When my niece, Alexandria, was very young, she was always eager to come and help arrange the figures. She carefully studied the placement of every angel and shepherd, frequently stepping back to evaluate her work.

This ritual always seemed to prompt questions: “Did the Baby Jesus get cold in the manger?” she would ask. “Did Mary and Joseph have a blanket to cover Him, or were those swaddling clothes warm enough?”

One December, as we put out the worn old manger and its well-loved pieces, my niece asked her most profound question yet: “Uncle Alex, why did Jesus come?”

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