Christian Persecution: A Reality Too Close to Ignore

By Sam Rohrer for The Christian Post| Image from Christian Post

Violent persecution of Christians around the world has risen to all-time highs. Murders, beheadings, rapes, imprisonments and evil of all types are increasingly befalling Christians. This ugly reality demands a response. While Christian persecution is nothing new, today it comes in various forms and for various reasons.

How shall American Christians respond when their spiritual brethren are suffering persecution? The choices are only two: ignore it or responsibly respond to it. Ignoring anti-Christian violence is convenient and painless, but it is also lazy and irresponsible. Turning from it may temporarily relieve our unease and numb our sense of moral obligation, but we only fool ourselves. Willful ignorance of evil is fatal because it provides an illusory sense of peace. Ignoring evil cannot stop it, especially when it is aggressively on the march like it is today.

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