30 Million+ Leaving Faith in Next 30 Years Dr. Alex McFarland Points to New Study as Need for Truth for a New Generation Events This Fall

30 Million+ Leaving Faith in Next 30 Years

Dr. Alex McFarland Points to New Study as Need for Truth for a New Generation Events This Fall

Nationally Known Voices of Truth Join McFarland in Richmond in October—Including Local Media Personality Who Knows Richmond’s Challenges—as Well as Cincinnati in November

GREENSBORO, N.C.—An alarming new study has found that 35 million youth raised in Christian homes will leave Christianity over the next 30 years, by 2050.

Released last week, the 131-page report, titled The Great Opportunity, is “based on reviews of different reports and surveys examining millennial attitudes toward religion and relies most heavily on four major research efforts,” according to The Christian Post. The report was completed in collaboration between Pinetops Foundation and The Veritas Forum.

Statistics like these are exactly the reason Dr. Alex McFarland is committed to bringing more Truth for a New Generation “Unashamed” conferences to cities around the country. The next event featuring well-known national speakers who serve as voices of truth is planned near Richmond, Virginia, on Oct. 11-12. Besides a mass exodus of youth from the Church, McFarland and his fellow speakers will address issues that are critical to Richmond specifically, such as homosexuality, drug use, suicide and more.

“For years, there has been great concern about youth who have no faith at all or are becoming a part of the ‘nones’ classification in concerning numbers,” McFarland said. “But this new study reinforces the fact that even those young Christians who had a framework of Christianity in their upbringing, whose parents and grandparents and pastors were invested in their relationship with Christ, are also falling away in record numbers. Where can we find the answer to stop this trend? What is the key? There may not be just one answer but a multitude. As a starting point, I believe young people must own their faith, be passionate about what they believe and know how to defend those beliefs. It is our fervent prayer that Truth for a New Generation events around the country help accomplish that—with God’s power and His guidance.”

Among the speakers at the special two-day event in Richmond that will aim to help young people, families and Christians of all ages realize that biblical truth never changes is a local media and faith leader who knows the challenges the Richmond region has faced.

Charles Crismier is founder and president of Save America Ministries. He is also an author of multiple books, including “Renewing the Soul of America,” “The Power of Hospitality” and “King of the Mountain.” His daily radio broadcast, “Viewpoint,” which airs live from 4 to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday across the Richmond region and online, is a new breed of Christian talk show moving “from information to transformation” and has positioned Crismier well as a voice to the Church as he declares a vision for the nation.

Crismier is also a veteran attorney and pastor, who has an amazing ability to probe below the surface and deal with issues that few dare to touch—matters of the heart that reach into our homes from the Church House to the White House. His dialogue demands decision.

Besides Crismier and McFarland, additional speakers at the Richmond Truth for a New Generation event on Oct. 11-12, hosted by Mount Vernon Baptist Church, 11220 Nuckols Road in Glen Allen, include:

  • MEEKE ADDISON: Radio Host | Addison and her husband, Wil, host American Family Radio’s “Airing the Addisons” daily talk show, which focuses on empowering and strengthening the family and urban community.
  • WILLIAM FEDERER: TV Host & Author | Federer is a nationally known speaker, best-selling author, and president of Amerisearch, Inc., a publishing company dedicated to researching America’s noble heritage.
  • TINA MARIE GRIFFIN: Pop Culture Expert | A former Hollywood actress, Griffin explains the real agenda behind the entertainment industry. She gives a monthly pop culture update on Stand Up for the Truth Radio.
  • KAMAL SALEEM: Speaker & Author | Saleem is uniquely equipped concerning the true culture and agenda of radical Islam. He carries a message to awaken the Church through the truth, education and relationships.
  • TODD STARNES: Fox News Host & Author | Starnes, the author of the new book, “Culture Jihad,” is heard daily on hundreds of radio stations around the nation, as he defends the faith by reporting the truth.

Attendees to the RichmondTNG event may learn more and register atTruth for a New Generationor call (877) YES-GOD1. Truth for a New Generation Ministries is made possible in part by Liberty University.

Regional and nationally known Truth for a New Generationconferences seek to transform lives for Christ, as McFarland and other Christian apologists equip, empower and inspire attendees of all ages to confidently share the gospel of Jesus, go deeper in their faith, experience core truths that make for an unshakable faith and learn how to defend Christianity with boldness in any situation. Other events, set in cities around the nation, have accomplished the same. In fact, a second TNG “Unashamed” conference this fall is set for Nov. 15-16 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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