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A Biblical Defense of Liberty and a Free Market

By Michael Thomas Hamilton / Samaritan Ministries for The Christian Post | Image from Christian Post

With each passing year, Americans suffer the consequences of increasing government control over personal decisions affecting their everyday lives. No family budget line item bears the thorns and thistles of overregulation more than health care. Many long for a “free-market” revival: a reduction of government interference with how patients live, shop for providers, and pay for service. Others fear liberated markets would rob the needy—not only of health care, but of money, equality, and supposed entitlements.

What’s a Christian to think about free-market principles? Should Christ-followers defend people’s right to buy and sell at will—or should we support stricter government control?

Our response ought to stem from what God’s Word says about the proper role of government. With few exceptions, this role does not include forcibly limiting people’s freedom to steward their God-given resources.

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