AFA Action urges Christians to prepare for midterm elections and vote for change

‘Godly men and women must be engaged in the electing of moral individuals to serve in government’

February 14, 2022

TUPELO, Miss. — The midterm elections are right around the corner in some states, and American Family Association Action (AFAA), the governmental affairs affiliate of the American Family Association (AFA,,is encouraging voters to wake up at the current corruption happening in Washington D.C. and vote for a change.

Walker Wildmon, CEO of AFAA, stated, “After one year of the Biden presidency, it is clear that his administration is focused on weakening and even removing the constitutional underpinnings of America. I describe the political show in Washington as all talk and no action. It’s the most intense pillow fight on earth.

“There’s plenty of mischief going on in the District of Columbia. A specific force cited in the Constitution that can be used to prevent man from mischief is the electorate. After seeing wickedness advance throughout American culture and in our nation’s capital I have become more convinced that our country is in desperate need of good men and women to enforce a major course correction. Godly men and women must be engaged in the electing of moral individuals to serve in government.”

Wildmon continued, “I don’t hesitate to criticize the political class in Washington and across state capitals around the country that have often been too concerned with their political future as opposed to the future of our country. They deserve every ounce of criticism for selling our country in exchange for access by special interests and corporate elites solely focused on profit as opposed to people.

“The glaring issue is that these individuals are elected by you and me. It is time that the American electorate take control of this country and put an end to the insanity. Many people are fed up with the American system of government to such an extent that they want to throw their hands up and walk away. I know people who feel this way. They’ve disengaged out of frustration and a lack of tangible results. We must not fall prey to this indifference.”

Wildmon urged Christians to stand up for biblical truths in politics, concluding, “God commands His people to be salt and light no matter their circumstances. Disengagement is a tool of the enemy. A strategy that will surely end in defeat. Are there enough good people to enforce a major course correction and get this country on a path that embraces biblical morality? I don’t know. History is full of examples of God using average men and women to bring about radical change. If course correction is to come about in America, it will begin household by household and neighborhood by neighborhood.”

To read more from Walker Wildmon about the change needed in the government and in our culture, see his OPED in Townhall.

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