AFA Constituents and Listeners Voice Their Gratitude for the Impact AFA Has Had on Family and Culture—For Over Four Decades

AFA Constituents and Listeners Voice Their Gratitude for the Impact AFA Has Had on Family and Culture—For Over Four Decades

 ‘Thankful That the People at American Family Association and American Family Radio Have Touched So Many Lives and Stayed Obedient to Share the Gospel’

TUPELO, Miss.—For more than four decades, the American Family Association (AFA, has addressed critical cultural issues, such as marriage, family, entertainment, politics, safety in shopping and more.

Through the family organization founded in 1977 by Don Wildmon, as well as through American Family Radio (AFR,, AFA has heard from many loyal listeners and supporters over the years who have been informed about pressing matters that are affecting their families, churches, communities and the overall culture.

For example, Fox News commentator Todd Starnes has interviewed AFA representatives many times on “The Todd Starnes Show” on Fox News Radio Network.

“I can’t think of a finer organization in America,” Starnes said during a recent interview with AFA President Tim Wildmon. “They just do some incredible work. The fact of the matter is we’ve got a big problem in this country and the answer to that problem can be found in (the Bible). So that is why I’m excited about what the American Family Association is doing.”

AFA friend Kelsey remarked: “Praise God for your powerful and important ministry! I will continue to pray for AFA, AFR and for America!”

Billy also said “I am a huge AFR/AFA fan. … Thank you so very much for all you do! AFR has changed my life, and I am forever grateful!”

Jeremy, a pastor, said, “I listen very intently to AFR and absolutely love the ‘truth’ of the news that is not broadcasted in the mainstream media.”

Bo added that he is “Thankful that AFA/AFR has touched so many lives and stayed obedient to share the Gospel.”

Additionally, Tim said he thanks AFA “for your continued fight for our faith and freedoms on a daily basis! … You are doing it the right way! Keep it up! You are a light for Christ that is desperately needed in the world today!”

John commented that AFR had an integral part in his faith journey.

“I’ve been saved a long time but had never surrendered myself to Jesus until a few months ago, and your programming and the grace of God had everything to do with it,” John said. “I listen … everyday; [it’s] an inspiration to me and my faith. Keep doing what you do.”

Likewise, Elizabeth added, “Thank you for your programs, news, and all you do. … I receive so much from AFR.”

Nancy perhaps summed it up best by stating: “We want to thank you for caring about your supporters. … [Meeting people from AFA] was like meeting an extension of our family. … May God richly bless you and your family in this endeavor to serve our Savior and speak truth from His Word.”

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