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‘Christians Need to Earnestly Pray the High Court Has the Courage to Do the Right Thing—Overturn the Abomination of Roe v. Wade’

December 13, 2021

TUPELO, Miss. — In the aftermath of oral arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a case which could overturn the 1973 abortion case Roe v. Wade, a recent poll announced that 56% of Americans support limits on abortion after 15 weeks of gestation. While this is a step in the right direction, according to the American Family Association(AFA,afa.net) the concerns are that overturning Roe will not automatically end legal abortion in the U.S. The poll reflected support for continuing legal allowances for some abortions, including abortions of babies in the womb less than 15 weeks.

AFA Executive Vice President Ed Vitagliano commented on this new statistic in the light of Dobbs v. Jackson, claiming that overturning Roe would be a huge victory for Christians in America, but the pro-life movement must continue to battle for the lives of all the unborn because they too have dignity and deserve protection.

Vitagliano stated, “While there is clearly still work to be done to make America a truly pro-life country, it is encouraging to see that a majority of Americans are opposed to abortion after the first 15 weeks. However, those unborn children who are murdered before 15 weeks are still made in the image of God, and the pro-life community cannot turn its back on those precious children.

“The current case before the Supreme Court has given the pro-life community more hope than it has had for decades. Christians need to earnestly pray for the conservative members of the high court to have the courage to do the right thing––overturn the abomination that was Roe v. Wade.”

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