AFA urges Christians to stand firm on the religious foundation that built America

AFA: ‘The Christian faith, properly understood and exercised faithfully, is both a boon to and a bulwark for society’

September 26, 2022

TUPELO, Miss. —Christianity has been on the decline in America over the last 50 years. A recent study revealed that America could no longer be a majority Christian nation by as early as 2045. As a result of the attacks on Christianity in American culture, some researchers even believe that Americans may not just lose their faith but their health as many physical and mental health facilities are religiously affiliated. Additionally, the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation concluded in 2016 that the U.S. economy is more dependent on religious belief than might be widely recognized, with religion contributing $1.2 trillion to the economy.

American Family Association (AFA, Executive Vice President Ed Vitagliano recently responded to these harrowing statistics about the future of American Christianity, pointing out that the Founding Fathers of the United States clearly made the connection between Christianity and the health of society.

“This is the other side of the coin when speaking about religious liberty,” Vitagliano said. “Yes, it is absolutely critical to defend our freedoms as enshrined in the Bill of Rights –– including religious freedom. But the genius of the Founding Fathers is that they knew that the Christian faith, properly understood and exercised faithfully, would be both a boon to and a bulwark for society. Let the church be the church, and America will prosper. And this is true for any nation on earth.”

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