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Alex McFarland | Burning Man a Carnival of Lies

(This post originally appeared on the American Family Association blog ‘The Stand’ | Image from AFA)

If you want to know what the America of tomorrow will increasingly resemble, look at the annual festival, “Burning Man.”  Held each year in the Nevada desert, Burning Man is a multi-day sensory experience of music, art, technology, self-expression, networking, and just “being there.”  Drug use, public nudity, and free and open sex is rampant – all in keeping with the event’s themes of “radical self-expression” and “immediacy.”

Over the last 30+ years Burning Man has grown in both attendance and notoriety.  Hundreds of acres of Black Rock desert annually become the temporary home for thousands of campers, districts of sculptures and exhibitors, and dozens of stages.  Campfires, along with artistic and ceremonial burnings culminate in the annual torching of a 40-foot tall human effigy.  As each year’s festival famously concludes with the enormous spectacle of the burning man, countless attendees find the event to be a spiritual (and largely cathartic) experience.  Continue reading…