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Alex McFarland for Fox News: College Success is About Character

(This post originally appeared in FoxNews.com | Image from Fox News)

By Alex McFarland

Students who will be starting or returning to college in the next few weeks are getting no shortage of advice on how to succeed and lay the foundation for their careers. In my decade-plus in church youth ministry, I’ve handed out a lot of that advice myself, including to confused students and irate parents. I’d like to share some of it here as the fall semester begins.

I remember one meeting in particular with parents and their college-age son who attended our church. The beleaguered dad was red-faced with anger over the costs of time and money because his son had changed majors three times. The family meeting got really tense as “Jr.” – who had never previously expressed much interest in music – announced that he was now pursuing a degree in orchestral percussion.

“What kind of job are you going to get with that?!” the parents wanted to know. Continue reading…