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Alex McFarland in The Christian Post: Lexington’s Hen Is More ‘Red’ Than Political Discriminators May Realize

By Alex McFarland for The Christian Post | Image from The Christian Post

Even the most casual news watcher of the past few years likely knows of the black-balling of two formerly-revered forces in American life: religion and patriotism. Slandering “God and country” has essentially been a cottage industry for so long now that many younger people (late 20s and under) have never known a time when Christianity and America were portrayed positively. We are reaching a point that, hanging in the balance are the proximate destiny of the country and ultimate fate of many souls.

Our academic systems are militantly secular, and our media devoutly hedonistic. They are influencing people—especially young people—in horribly negative ways. Our abandonment of God, morality and patriotism are incrementally killing the soul of America and, at the same time, imperiling the souls of individuals.

And Stephanie Wilkinson’s pseudo-moral-high-ground, in ejecting Sarah Huckabee Sanders from her Red Hen restaurant, plays right into this. With her judging of President Donald Trump’s policies and personnel as “inhumane and unethical” and her misguided belief that refusing to serve Sanders makes some sort of “moral” statement, Ms. Wilkinson speaks with the blind conformity likely heard if we could have interviewed a Russian citizen a century ago, as that great nation was being led into the slaughterhouse of Leninism. Continue reading…