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Alex McFarland: ‘Our Viral Truth Campus Clubs will bring the Gospel to the students, helping them regain their respect for our nation and teaching them what is true and trustworthy’

October 17, 2022

GREENSBORO, N.C. — How do today’s teens think about Jesus and the Bible? A recent Barna study revealed that less than half of all teens, across varying faith groups, describe Jesus as “loving” (49%) and believe he offers hope to (46%) and cares about people (43%). However, only 23% of teens believe that they can have a personal relationship with Christ that leads to salvation. This coincides with recent reports that increasingly large numbers of Americans claim that their religious identity is atheist, agnostic or “nothing in particular.” With such a bleak outlook regarding American Christianity — especially regarding America’s youth — many churches and families don’t know how to turn back the tide.

Alex McFarland and Alex McFarland Ministries is proud to announce its new Viral Truth Campus Clubs, unique gatherings designed to equip Christian youth with the tools they might need to go out into their schools and share the Good News to other teens who may not know the Gospel.

“When you think about the world our young people are living in, it’s extremely concerning,” McFarland stated. “Youth are experiencing levels of anxiety, depression, loneliness, and isolation like never before. They are inundated with toxic propaganda and lies coming at them from all directions. It’s no wonder that teen mental health is declining.

“We at Alex McFarland Ministries want to help empower Christian youth to bridge the gap with their fellow classmates with our Viral Truth Campus Clubs. These clubs offer the opportunity for students to discuss the tough topics they are faced with today in a group setting which will be held with Christian students leading the conversations.”

McFarland explained, “Alex McFarland Ministries will come alongside middle school, high school, and college student leaders to provide mentorship and coaching to equip teens to reach their friends with the Gospel message and with truth to combat the ‘woke’ agendas of socialism and moral relativism. Our Viral Truth Campus Clubs will bring the Gospel to the students, helping them regain their respect for our nation and teaching them what is true and trustworthy. Already, hundreds of teens nationwide have been coached.”

For more information about Viral Truth Campus Clubs, click here.

Alex McFarland has authored or co-authored more than 20 books, including “THE ASSAULT ON AMERICA:  How to Defend our Nation Before It’s Too Late,” “10 Issues that Divide Christians,” “The God You Thought You Knew,” and more. He directs Biblical Worldview and teaches in the School of Practical Government for Charis Bible College, located in Woodland Park, CO.

McFarland’s greatest passions are helping Americans of all ages understand the vital links between God, morality, and American freedoms. McFarland has spent two decades researching the formation and application of the U.S. Constitution. He has written and taught extensively on the uniqueness of America’s Judeo-Christian government and culture. An ordained minister for more than 25 years, McFarland has personally counseled thousands of families and individuals, and he is passionate about helping America’s youth build successful lives in the face of ever-diminishing morals, ethics, and values.

As a Christian professor, author, evangelist, and religion and culture analyst, McFarland speaks worldwide. He has preached in over 2,000 churches throughout North America and 250 college and high school campuses.  McFarland is the only evangelist to have preached in all 50 states in only 50 days. His “Tour Of Truth” crusade swept across America with 64 evangelistic services from which came many decisions to receive Jesus and by which many Christians were equipped and encouraged.

McFarland currently co-hosts Exploring the Word on the American Family Radio Network, airing
daily on nearly 200 radio stations across the U.S. He is also the host of the Alex McFarland Show, which airs weekly on NRB TV. McFarland is a frequent guest on Fox News and has been interviewed by other media outlets including Fox and Friends, Focus On The Family radio, NPR’s All Things Considered, The New York Times, The Washington Post, BBC, CBN, La Vie (France), and various news outlets including CBS, FOX, NBC, CSPAN, SRN, and the Associated Press (AP) wire service. He is a contributing writer in print and electronic media, including LA Times, Boston Herald, OK- Celebrity News Magazine, Christianity Today, Charisma, On Mission, Billy Graham’s Decision Magazine, and more.

Learn more about Alex McFarland Ministries at its website, Facebook and Instagram pages, or Twitter feed.