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Alex McFarland on Lifezette | In Defense of Your Local Pastor

In Defense of Your Local Pastor

‘Most important opinion we wish to cultivate is that of our Lord — but let’s also work to earn the respect of the spiritually hungry’

By Alex McFarland

Though I likely have never met your pastor — and obviously couldn’t claim to personally know all the clergy in your community — it’s a strong bet these faith leaders are a priceless asset to the area in which you live.

How may I say this, and why? Let me explain.

A recent study by the Gallup polling organization rated public perception of people in 20 professional vocations. The “assumed trustworthiness” of clergy put them at ninth on the Gallup list. Viewed by the general populace as more trustworthy than ministers were: nurses (82 percent), military officers (71 percent), grade school teachers (66 percent), medical doctors (65 percent), pharmacists (62 percent), police officers (56 percent), day care providers (46 percent), and judges (43 percent).

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(This post originally appeared on lifezette.com | Image from lifezette.com)