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Alex McFarland on the Christian Post | Billy Graham: In a Category of ‘One’

Billy Graham: In a Category of ‘One’

The fruit of Billy Graham’s laser-focused commitment to the Gospel is truly awe-inspiring. His purpose was to see that the whole world heard about Jesus. May God grant that it becomes our mission as well.

By Alex McFarland

“That word … it was mysterious to me, yet beautiful. I carried the word around in my mind for years, repeating it to myself over and over so I wouldn’t forget. I grew up wondering, ‘What could it mean?'”

The woman telling me her story was originally from the Philippines. She was running a pawn shop across from the Fort Bragg military base in central North Carolina. Having spoken at a chapel service there, I stopped to browse in a Fayetteville pawn shop on my drive home. From her store, I came away with a treasure: A conversation that moves me to this day.

“Are you a Christian?” I asked. The woman said that she was, and I replied, “How did you come to know the Lord?”

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(This post originally appeared on townhall.com | Image from townhall.com)