American Family Association: As terrorist radicals attack pro-life pregnancy centers, law-abiding Americans must vote for law and order this fall

June 13, 2022

TUPELO, Miss. — As New York Governor Kathy Hochul continues to ignore attacks on a pro-life medical office and pregnancy center in Buffalo, New York, after it was firebombed, the American Family Association (AFA, warns that the escalating violent actions of radical pro-abortion organizations will only get worse if law enforcement officials and other Americans refuse to take action. The attacks, unreported for the most part in the mainstream media, have only increased since the May 2 “leak” of a draft Supreme Court opinion in the Dobbs v. Jackson case that could end Roe v. Wade.

The targeted pro-life group, CompassCare, said official reactions have been alarmingly negative. According to CompassCare, the state legislature further turned the law upside down and passed a bill to investigate “pro-life pregnancy centers precisely because they do not perform abortions.”

AFA Executive Vice President Ed Vitagliano responded to the rise in aggression from the radical left, urging Americans to vote in the upcoming elections in order to force change and stop the riotous behavior from leftists.

Vitagliano stated, “Over the last couple of years, we have witnessed the unleashing of the violence of the radical left in America. Cities burning, police gunned down in growing numbers, intimidation of Supreme Court justices in front of their homes and even a near-miss assassination of a justice last week –– all because the left refuses to let the political process take its lawful course. We are also seeing terroristic attacks like this firebombing of a crisis pregnancy center –– and it’s not the only one that has been victimized. The liberal left is in danger of being supplanted by radicals who seem to want blood in the streets. Patriotic Americans who love the U.S. Constitution need to let their voices be heard at the ballot box. Radicalism needs to be fully and utterly rejected this November.”

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