American Family Association Calls Out Cultural Marxists Brainwashing Today’s Youth

As College Students Claim to Not be Proud to Be American, AFA Executive Vice President Urges Population to Think Critically

August 3, 2021

TUPELO, Miss. —A newly released Fox News report found some college students are refusing to cheer on Team USA at the Tokyo Olympics, opting instead to cheer for individual athletes, if at all, instead of demonstrating any pride or giving acclaim to America, their own country.

“I don’t like being an American,” was the message students at the University of South Florida gave to a correspondent from Campus Reform. The results were shared with Fox News and other outlets. The informal survey, conducted ahead of last week’s Opening Ceremonies, had several students voicing their support for individual athletes but withholding support for their country on the world stage.

“I’m not going to be rooting for any team just because it’s some country I live in,” said one student.

Another said, “I don’t like being an American either,” adding, “Why is there no free healthcare? Why are so many people suffering because of housing?… That is such a great example of how corrupt it is here.” 

One student summed up the majority opinion: “Patriotism shouldn’t be that strong.”

Ed Vitagliano, Executive Vice President of American Family Association (AFA,, said of the students’ anti-America response, “The work of the cultural Marxists in our country is bearing its pernicious fruit as it poisons the hearts and minds of our young people. How can our nation survive if its future generations are brainwashed into believing America is evil and not worth preserving? You don’t have to have a Ph.D. to answer that question. The country will not survive.”  

AFA has warned of this decline in recent reports andAFA Action Alerts. Vitagliano summarizes the direction and attitudes of the slide away from Americanism: “In our view, that is precisely the end result desired by the cultural Marxists, many of whom spawn their theories from their tax-payer funded nests on college and university campuses. While Americans have been literally paying people to destroy their own children and the nation, they are starting to awaken to the schemes of the woke. In the next decade, we believe the fate of our nation will be determined. It is time for those who love the principles of freedom to become just as involved as the ‘progressive’ propagandists.” 

During the interviews, Campus Reform correspondent Ophelie Jacobson points the finger at the ‘anti-American sentiment’ she sees permeating college campuses across the country. She reminisced about the Olympics uniting people, regardless of political party, thinking that in a time of such global upheaval like a pandemic that this would still be the case. Jacobson lamented, “But unfortunately, according to these woke college students, the Olympics are seeming to divide us even more.”

The Florida students are representative of a larger American cultural trend. A 2017 Gallup poll noted that U.S. adults said their pride in being Americans remains “well below” levels seen in earlier polls.

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