American Family Association: Know What Your Hard-Earned Money Supports at Target




American Family Association: Know What Your Hard-Earned Money Supports at Target

Don’t Endorse Target’s Actions By Spending Christmas Gift Money There


TUPELO, Miss.—Now that the Christmas presents have been opened and the wrapping paper is cleared away, some may have received a check from grandma or a crisp 20-dollar bill for a job well done in 2017.

But the American Family Association (AFA, hopes Americans won’t spend their Christmas money at Target and is continuing strong into 2018 on the #BoycottTarget effort. Since April 2016, when Target first announced its policy to allow men in women’s restrooms and fitting rooms, thereby putting women and children at risk, AFA has garnered over 1.5 million signatures on its #BoycottTarget pledge.

“Target is hoping that the public won’t care that they allow men into women’s bathrooms and changing rooms and will spend some of your Christmas money with at a Target store anyway,” said AFA President Tim Wildmon. “But AFA knows that shoppers do care. And while the safety of women and children is of paramount importance, there is more at stake. When we spend our money at Target—even money that may have been given to us as a Christmas gift—we are indirectly supporting the retailer’s actions and decisions.

“Let’s hold firm to our conviction that men have no place in women’s restrooms and dressing rooms and continue our pledge to boycott Target stores,” Wildmon added, “even now as monetary Christmas gifts are ready to be spent.”

For those who want to urge Target to protect the safety of women and children, AFA is suggesting three ways to take action:

  1. Sign the #BoycottTarget pledge. Encourage family and friends to sign the pledge, too, as boycott numbers climb over 1.5 million.
  2. Voice your concerns on Target’s Facebook page.
  3. Call Target to politely let its executives know you’ve signed the #BoycottTarget pledge—Guest Relations, (800) 440-0680, option 1, then 1 again.

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