Patti Garibay for The New American: Girl Scout Competitor on “Trans” Agenda: God “Created Men and Women Differently”

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by Selwyn Duke for The New American

Male and female He created them,” Genesis tells us. It’s news so old — nay, timeless — that we don’t even call it history. But with sexual devolutionaries calling it myth and saying “sex” is “gender” and “gender” is fluid, it’s necessary to point out that this news is fact — and one organization has boldly done just that.

“As Christians, we must engage in this debate and end it once and for all, at least in our minds,” Patti Garibay, founder and executive director of American Heritage Girls [AHG], wrote in a press release distributed to media. AHG is a Girl Scouts alternative formed after the latter began embracing corruptive, hard-left, anti-American policies.

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FCA in Ministry Watch: Ministries Making a Difference FCA,, Billy Graham Rapid Response Team

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by Christina Darnell on

TheFellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is inducting four nominees into its Hall of Champions. The 2021 class includes “FCA partners, servants and sports standouts”—three men and one woman—Gary Williamson, Bob Williams, Chang-won Kim, and Diana Myers. Each inductee has been involved with spreading or supporting the vision of FCA, which is to “see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.” FCA established the Hall of Champions in 1991, now boasting 119 coaches, athletes, board members, and volunteers in its ranks. For more on this year’s class, as well as past inductees, click here.

Youth for Christ for CBN News: ‘We Show Them Jesus’: Youth for Christ’s Juvenile Justice Ministry Aims to Break Cycle of Incarceration

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by Andrea Morris for

One youth ministry is working to help young people free themselves from a life of crime by giving them hope through the Gospel.

Youth for Christ (YFC) developed its Juvenile Justice Ministry as a way to build relationships with Americans under the age of 18 and break the recurring cycle of being placed in juvenile detention centers.

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American Heritage Girls for Breitbart:

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American Heritage Girls Weigh in on Transgender Movement: God ‘Created Men and Women Differently on Purpose’

by Penny Starr on

American Heritage Girls, the Christian alternative to the Girl Scouts created after the scouting organization adopted left-wing policies including accepting “transgender” girls, is weighing in on the growing debate about the validity of biological sex versus “gender identity.”

As Christians, we must engage in this debate,” AHG Founder and Executive Director Patti Garibay said in a press release distributed to the media. “Scripture is clear: There is a difference between male and female, and it is worth celebrating.”

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Fallen Angel for FOX News: In the War on Terror, never forget the fallen despite Joe Biden, our incompetent commander in chief

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By Don Brown for FOX News

President Joe Biden’s public bungling of the American military withdrawal from Afghanistan represents the most profound embarrassment in the history of the United States. 

Dozens of poor Afghans clinging desperately to the underbelly of an American C-17 taxiing for takeoff from Kabul International Airport, with some falling to their deaths, and one crushed in the aircraft wheel assembly, epitomizes all that is wrong with Joe Biden and his buffoonish withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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American Heritage Girls for CBN News: ‘Heritage’ is Crucial to Our Name

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By Patti Garibay for CBN News | Image from American Heritage Girls

The USA was founded by men of God who expressed their belief in a divine creator in virtually every document they penned. God and Church were part and parcel of the American way of life. Monuments are scattered across this nation and proclaim His blessing and His sovereignty.  

Certainly, America has had its share of dark days, where the sin of man seemed to diminish the spirit of freedom that was God-given. But a spark of light still has fuel capable of lighting an entire room, an entire nation. I felt the Lord wanted that spark and subsequent fire to begin with His daughters in American Heritage Girls. Here is that story…

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Moms for America for Newsmax: Democrats Don’t Hate Guns, They Hate Anyone But Them Having Guns

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By Kimberly Fletcher for Newsmax | Image from Newsmax

In the past year, we have seen “defund the police” go from being a fringe pipedream to a mainstream talking point. The radical idea that we should disband the law enforcement we rely on to keep the peace in our communities is now considered socially acceptable.

Teachers’ unions and leftist-run cities are signing on to “defunding the police.”

The results of this insanity have been predictable: a sudden and significant increase in violent crimes. This anarchy unleashed on our city streets has left mothers to defend themselves and their children.

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Dan Celia for Newsmax Finance: The Return of Our Thriving Economy Is Not on Biden’s Agenda

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By Dan Celia for Newsmax Finance

Recently, JPMorgan’s CEO, Jamie Dimon, indicated concern that loan volume continues to be dramatically lower than before. The state-run media, analysts, and even many CEOs remain loyal to a promising narrative of recovery. Yet if you pay attention to their actions instead of their words, you will hear another message.

There is continual talk about a return to our pre-pandemic economy. Is recovery on the horizon? Yes. Is a revisit to pre-pandemic numbers plausible? Maybe. Is a sustainable return to it imminent? Absolutely not.

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iVoterGuide for The Christian Post: 5 ways to spot fake ‘facts’

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By Debbie Wuthnow for The Christian Post

As Americans seek to be accurately informed, how does one protect themselves from believing and spreading false information? And how can one consistently spot the truth amidst an abundance of error?

With citizens struggling to find trusted media sources, the need for truth has never been greater. A recent Gallup Poll showed that only 9% of Americans trust the media “a great deal,” while 60% “have little to no trust” in the media to report in an unbiased manner.

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