Alex McFarland for CNS News | Casualties of War: For Too Many Millennials, God and Country Are Non-Entities

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(This post originally appeared in CNS News)

By Alex McFarland

Today I found myself doing something that many might see as mundane, though to me the deed was rather somber. After years of use, it was finally time to discard my 50-foot tape measure. Nothing I could do would make it “reel in” anymore, and managing dozens of feet of ungainly metal tape proved unworkable (though I tried). After carefully placing the tape in my tool bin hundreds of times, today the piles of unwound tape were “decommissioned” and laid in a garbage bin.

It made me stop and think.

The sentimental side of me thought about the many projects through which that measuring device had guided me over a quarter century. Whenever I needed to do something right … well, I wouldn’t trust myself to guess at a measurement. To be accurate, common sense would always whisper, “Get the tape measure.”

Gathering up the pieces of the tape measure for the last time, I stared down at its numbers—inches and “foot” markings. None of them had somehow become inaccurate or no longer valid. And it isn’t that I no longer needed this in my workshop. Here is the situation—the mechanism responsible for supplying me with this measuring stick had failed. The case had cracked open and the coil spring would no longer “roll out” or “retract” the tape so that I could use it. The standard itself was as perfect as ever; the moving parts responsible to provide me with the “ruler” had failed.

You might wonder what all this has to do with anything.

I believe that this little vignette is symbolic of our crumbling nation today. Many troubling indicators could be cited regarding social, moral, financial, spiritual and familial prospects for masses of those aged 30 and under. Discussing such facts is certainly not an indictment of millennials as people. But our nation faces dire days ahead if we don’t honestly acknowledge the realities that are shaping the lives of millennials–and earnestly change course. Continue reading…

Words of Hope for Persecuted Christians

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New believers across the globe are lifted by gospel radio programming in their own local languages

by Don Shenk 

A heated debate about recent travel ban policies continues across the U.S. — while leaders discuss ways to protect Christians around the world who are facing persecution for their beliefs.

Many of us will never experience living in fear for simply committing our lives to Christ. We will never know what it feels like to be attacked for our faith. But persecution is common in the rest of the world, with millions of Christians facing persecution worldwide. And the violence and turmoil are not only increasing, but spreading to more corners of the globe. Continue reading…

Do Christians Really Know What It Means to Be Born Again?

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For Immediate Release
July 20, 2017

Beth Harrison, Hamilton Strategies, 610.584.1096, ext. 104,

Do Christians Really Know What It Means to Be Born Again?

American Pastors NetworkHow Can Christians Be Salt and Light When They Don’t Believe the Basics of the Bible?

PHILADELPHIA—What does it mean to be “born again”? Do Christians truly understand this concept?

According to research from the American Culture & Faith Institute (ACFI), many Americans call themselves “born again,” but fewer than 30 percent provided answers that would support that claim. And if so many think they are born again, why aren’t these Christians impacting the culture, asks the American Pastors Network (APN,

“If a majority of Americans think they are born-again Christians, one has to wonder where the cultural disconnect is, as the moral fiber of our nation continues to erode,” said APN President Sam Rohrer, who is host of the APN radio ministry, “Stand in the Gap Today.”

This summer, “Stand in the Gap Today” hosts have discussed these findings on two separate programs with George Barna, renowned social science researcher and head of ACFI.

In pondering life after death, the ACFI research found that just 30 percent of those surveyed say they are born again with the reasoning that “after I die I know I will go to Heaven because I have confessed my sins and accepted Jesus Christ as my savior.” Another quarter say they don’t know what will happen when they die.

“Some shocking findings of this survey indicate that many—75 percent—believe that mankind is not made up of sinners and that man is basically good,” Rohrer said. “Just barely more than half believe that Jesus lived a sinless life, and 42 percent believe that Satan is not real, but more a symbol of evil. Based on these findings, how healthy can we say the American church really is? How can salt be salt and light be light when we don’t believe those things?”

Listen to the “Stand in the Gap Today” programs on this topic here and here.

“According to these numbers and what we know from history, in real life, many, if not most of those who say they’re Christians are really not Christ-followers,” Rohrer said on the program. “We’ve also heard, for example, that up to 80 percent of Congress is Christian, but I look at that number with some skepticism. Just like there are Republicans In Name Only—RINO—there are also many Christians ‘in name only.’”

Rohrer also pointed to Matthew 7:22-23, where Jesus said, “Many will say to me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? And in thy name have cast out devils? And in thy name done many wonderful works?’ And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity” (KJV).

“There is perhaps no more clear example than these words of Christ Himself to perhaps describe these survey findings, which are evidence of what some Christians believe about themselves and what is actually real and true.”

APN focuses on news like this from a biblical and constitutional perspective on its popular daily “Stand in the Gap Today” program, which airs on nearly 425 radio stations across the country. Find a “Stand in the Gap Today” station here or listen online by clicking on the orange “Listen Live” button on the right-hand side of the website daily at noon ET.

Read more about the American Pastors Network and its “Stand in the Gap” radio ministry here.


To interview a representative from the American Pastors Network, contact Beth Harrison at 610-584-1096, ext. 104,

The Charlie Gard Case: What It Means for the Sanctity of Life

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Controversial dispute is important for a number of reasons — and his parents should have the ultimate say

by Richard Land for | Image from LifeZette

Millions of people around the globe have been captivated and deeply moved by the tragic story of little Charlie Gard.

He is the 11-month-old English infant who is gravely ill, probably terminally, and languishing in a British hospital — a captive to the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS).

Little Charlie has severe brain damage, is blind and deaf, has frequent seizures, and must breathe through a ventilator to survive. Continue reading…

We’ve Got to Return to Biblical Foundations in This Country

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(This post originally appeared in | Image from LifeZette)

There’s a life-and-death cultural conflict going on in our society that must be repaired through God

By Sam Rohrer

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7:14, KJV). 

As I drove up to the stoplight, the Christian radio program I was listening to started to mix with large amounts of “digital hash” interference. It reminded me that two different technologies were converging at the intersection: The AC electrical signal (lights) and the digital computer signal (controls) were in conflict until one was made to serve the other.

The life-and-death cultural conflict going on in American society and around the world is sort of like that. Continue reading…

The Recess Bell is About to Ring

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(This post originally appeared in | Image from Townhall)

By Dan Celia

Soon, all the politicians in Washington, D.C., will run down the Capitol steps, full of excitement about the beginning of summer recess. (I just couldn’t resist that visual.)

Still, some lawmakers are calling for a reduction in Congress’ time off for the month of August so the needed legislative work can actually get done. It’s not as if they haven’t had time to work, but I believe our legislators have chosen to wait and see how the mainstream media and the progressive left might lead them.

Budget reconciliation must be completed, and the American people deserve an Obamacare repeal-and-replace. Congress also needs to clear the way to work on tax reform. Continue reading…

Dan Celia for | The Dwindling Impact of the Federal Reserve

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(This post originally appeared in | Image from Townhall)

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen made some interesting comments Wednesday when she announced the raising of interest rates another 25 basis points. The new target range is 1 percent to 1.25 percent, and the current rate is 0.91 percent. Yellen stated that the Federal Reserve would begin its exit from the $4.5 trillion in bonds on its artificially inflated balance sheet. She indicated this exit would be “gradual” and “predictable.”

I, for one, agree with her. I think it is something we have needed to see for some time. If it is, in fact, a gradual exit, it could have little negative impact on the economy and the markets in the short term. However, this also begs the question of whether the Federal Reserve is losing whatever effectiveness it’s had over the markets. By all accounts, the answer is “yes.” With the markets at all-time highs, the rise in interest rates does not appear to be cooling off Wall Street. Continue reading…

The Path to Obamacare Repeal Is Simple—Don’t Let ACA Centerpiece Get in the Way

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(This post originally appeared in | Image from Townhall)

By Twila Brase | May 25, 2017

Republicans are running out of time. The U.S. Senate must act soon to repeal every word of Obamacare. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) told The Hill, “We could repeal all of Obamacare … I just don’t buy the fact that we can’t do that.” I agree.

The path to repeal is simple. In 2010, Democrats used their majority power to pass Obamacare. Now Republicans must use their majority power to repeal it. Republicans should not dither. If Obamacare is not ripped out by its roots, the future of health freedom is dim. Continue reading…

Dereliction of Duty

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(This post originally appeared in | Image from Townhall)

By Dan Celia

All the information coming from the news media in reference to the alleged scandals by Donald Trump has some calling for his impeachment and crying “obstruction of justice!”

While reviewing these headlines, a book I read some 10 years ago came to mind. Written by H.R. McMaster, it’s titled “Dereliction of Duty.” If you have any interest in failed government policies and the real cause for the failure of the Vietnam War, it is certainly a must-read.

This book came to mind because I couldn’t help but think the same term applies to former FBI Director James Comey—and The New York Times. If this alleged memo by Comey is real, offering it up three months after the fact seems to be a self-incriminating piece of information—this from a former FBI director who was supposedly serving the American people. Continue reading…

Dan Celia in | Where’s the Tax Reform

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(This post originally appeared in | Image from Townhall)

By Dan Celia

The repeal and replacement of Obamacare seems to be a bit closer today than in recent months. Of course, no one is sure what it will look like once it gets out of the Senate or whether the bill will resemble anything close to the House version.

But the real victory here—if we can use that word prior to it being passed—is that a significant piece of legislation has moved through at least one body of Congress. Certainly, this has caused even the markets to pause and see what might come of this.

We are also hearing talk about breaking up the banks, reducing Dodd Frank to a mere image of itself, reforming immigration, developing and implementing new strategies for Afghanistan, enacting fair trade agreements, setting fiscal policy such as a real budget, and embarking on an infrastructure plan. Continue reading…