Dan Celia in Townhall.com | Where’s the Tax Reform

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(This post originally appeared in Townhall.com | Image from Townhall)

By Dan Celia

The repeal and replacement of Obamacare seems to be a bit closer today than in recent months. Of course, no one is sure what it will look like once it gets out of the Senate or whether the bill will resemble anything close to the House version.

But the real victory here—if we can use that word prior to it being passed—is that a significant piece of legislation has moved through at least one body of Congress. Certainly, this has caused even the markets to pause and see what might come of this.

We are also hearing talk about breaking up the banks, reducing Dodd Frank to a mere image of itself, reforming immigration, developing and implementing new strategies for Afghanistan, enacting fair trade agreements, setting fiscal policy such as a real budget, and embarking on an infrastructure plan. Continue reading…


American Family Association on Townhall.com | Missing the Target

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(This post originally appeared in Townhall.com | Image from Townhall)

By Tim Wildmon
American Family Association

Last July, an 18-year-old woman was getting ready for summer, trying on swimsuits in a fitting room at a Target store in Ammon, Idaho. A man slipped into the stall next to her and secretly filmed her while she was changing.

This man was arrested, pled guilty and was sentenced to between two and five years for felony video voyeurism. Police said his cell phone revealed it wasn’t the first time he’d done this. And the woman said the incident traumatized her and she suffered “emotional mutilation.”

Unfortunately, this is not the first incident where someone with evil intentions took advantage of the misguided and ill-informed bathroom and fitting room policy at Target.

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Alex McFarland on FoxNews.com | Ten Reasons Millennials Are Backing Away from God and Christianity

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(This post originally appeared on FoxNews.com | iStock Image from Fox News)

By Dr. Alex McFarland

College-aged millennials today are far more likely than the general population to be religiously unaffiliated. This is true when they are compared to previous generations as well.

In fact, the Pew Research Center documents that millennials are the least outwardly religious American generation, where “one in four are unaffiliated with any religion, far more than the share of older adults when they were ages 18 to 29.”

Just over 60 percent of millennials say that Christianity is “judgmental,” and 64 percent say that “anti-gay” best describes most churches today.

In ministry circles, it has long been reported that of youth raised in homes that were to some degree “Christian,” roughly three-quarters will jettison that faith after high school. Just under half of this number will return to some level of church involvement in their late 20s or early 30s. Continue reading…


CCHF’s Twila Brase for the Washington Times: Not letting the Obamacare crisis go to waste

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(This post originally appeared in The Washington Times | ‘The Death of Obamacare’ Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times)

By Twila Brase
Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom

Republicans should take a lesson from Democrats. During President Obama’s battle to enact Obamacare, his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, famously said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. What I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you could not do before.”

I agree. Eight years later, Americans are in a serious crisis because of Obamacare. And now there’s a huge opportunity to deep-six the law. Republicans should not let it go to waste. Continue reading…

Galatians 6:2 Explains Exactly How Believers Should Approach the Health Care Debate

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(This post originally appeared in CharismaNews.com | Image from Charisma News)

By Joel Nobel (Samaritan Ministries) and Greg Scandlen

Different kinds of insurance operate very differently. Auto, homeowners, health, life, Workers’ Compensation and medical malpractice all operate in different markets under different rules and different organizational structures. But one thing they all have in common is “risk pooling.”

“Risk pooling” certainly figures into recent discussions about repealing, replacing for “fixing” government health care. And it is almost universally misunderstood by policy-makers. It is a pool of money, yes, but it is also a pool of risks. From the customer’s perspective, they pay money into a pool of funds that is available to pay their claims according to the terms of the contract they have with the insurance company. Because of that contract, the “pool” is not just a big vat of money that can be allocated any way they want. Every penny is already contractually obligated to be paid out in the future.

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AFA’s #BoycottTarget Initiative Hits 1.5 Million Signatures!

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Target Still Reeling from the AFA Boycott That Began Nearly a Year Ago; CEO Admits Bathroom Policy Announcement Was a Huge Mistake

The American Family Association’s (AFA, www.afa.net) #BoycottTarget initiative has officially hit 1.5 million signatures!

Now, just days away from the one-year mark when the American Family Association boycott began, AFA President Tim Wildmon is preparing to deliver another 500,000 signatures to Target executives at the retailer’s headquarters in Minneapolis. Last spring, the first million signatures were delivered, and AFA met briefly with Target leaders, who were uninterested in changing its potentially dangerous bathroom and fitting room policy.

“The American Family Association’s Target boycott has wreaked internal havoc at Target,” Wildmon said. “Out-of-touch executives incorrectly assumed that the backlash and public relations nightmare would die down, but we can see today—with plummeting stock prices and decreased traffic in stores—that it certainly has not.

“Together with our friends and supporters, we are making an unprecedented financial impact on a corporation whose policy is to allow men to use women’s restrooms and dressing rooms,” Wildmon added. “Target’s decision is unacceptable for families, and its dangerous and misguided policy continues to put women and children in harm’s way.”

Earlier this month, the Wall Street Journal published a damaging story that told of the internal turmoil the policy announcement and subsequent boycott has caused at Target. According to the article, Target CEO Brian Cornell expressed frustration about how the bathroom policy was publicized without his permission or knowledge, and told colleagues he wouldn’t have approved the decision to flaunt it with a public statement that is still on Target’s website today.

“Now,” Wildmon added, “I am planning to personally return to Target headquarters in Minneapolis with an additional 500,000 names. I will discuss how Target can invite 1.5 million AFA supporters back to its stores by having a common-sense bathroom and dressing room policy that links use of these rooms to a person’s biological sex so that predators no longer have a method to prey on innocent victims.”

But boycott efforts won’t stop at the 1.5 million mark and will continue until Target changes its policy and offers a plan that keeps everyone safe. AFA is urging those concerned to the sign #BoycottTarget pledge to reach the next important threshold—2 million signatures.

  • SIGN—#BoycottTarget pledge
  • SHARE—Ask family, friends and church members to sign the pledge. One effective strategy is to voice concerns politely but firmly on Target’s Facebook page and other social media sites using #BoycottTarget.
  • VOICE concerns on Target’s Facebook page or call Target to politely let its executives know you’ve signed the #BoycottTarget pledge—Guest Relations, (800) 440-0680, option 1, then 1 again.

“As AFA has stated many times, our worries do not stem from fear of the transgender community,” added Wildmon, “but rather, from both the real and potential threat that predators and voyeurs would take advantage of the Target bathroom policy to harm women and children—and there are plenty of incidents to show that they have.”


Dan Celia for Townhall: Will the Air Strike in Syria Lead to Uncertainty in the Markets?

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(This post originally appeared in Townhall.com | Image from Townhall)

By Dan Celia

On August 20, 2012, then-President Barack Obama drew a line in the sand for Syria. And after that line was drawn, Syria stepped over it by using chemical weapons. President Obama did nothing—holding fast to his ideology of strength through weakness. This was just one of many ideological positions that helped President Donald Trump win the presidency, and today, we are witnessing bipartisan support for President Trump, who thankfully did not simply draw a line in the sand and reprimand Bashar al-Assad.

Some on Wall Street are indicating this move could mean uncertainty for the markets. And we all know, of course, how much markets hate uncertainty. I don’t believe this brings uncertainty at all, but rather certainty that America will use its strength and will do what is necessary for humanitarian reasons. President Trump’s actions also further strengthen the agenda of peace through strength. Continue reading…

How Target Botched Its Response to the North Carolina Bathroom Law | AFA in WSJ

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(This story originally appeared in The Wall Street Journal | April 5, 2017)

The retailer published a transgender-friendly blog post, without the CEO’s approval, prompting a customer backlash and exposing problems in stores it is now spending billions to fix

In April last year, Target Corp. TGT -1.27% published a blog post welcoming transgender employees and shoppers to use restrooms and fitting rooms corresponding with their gender identities. “Everyone deserves to feel like they belong,” read the post, which turned half of Target’s red bullseye logo into a gay-pride rainbow.

Other retailers have similar policies. But for Target, the posting of what was its long-held practice quickly became an expensive and distracting lesson about the perils of combining the web’s megaphone with touchy social issues. Continue reading… (subscription needed)

Determination Amid Distractions, Distortions and Media Deceit

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(This post originally appeared in Townhall.com | Image from Townhall)

By Dan Celia

I certainly don’t want to be so bold as to expect honest national reporting when it comes to President Donald Trump. But it is a bit frustrating when there is no coverage of what this president has achieved in just over two months in office. Indeed, it is truly mind-boggling—especially in Washington, D.C.—to keep up with the frantic pace.

On Monday, the media painted his presidency as crashing and burning, only to see this president continue to follow his instincts and do what is right for America in every way possible. Trump didn’t spend time whining, crying and complaining over what happened with his attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare. Instead, he kept his nose to the grindstone.

He continued to have meetings every day in the White House and immediately turned his attention to tax reform. He even talked about his next priority—infrastructure. Then we heard from House Speaker Paul Ryan that “repeal and replace” is not yet a dead issue.

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Shrinking Budget

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(This post originally appeared in Townhall.com | Image from Townhall)

By Dan Celia

Every year for the past eight, I carefully examined the budgets President Barack Obama put forth to Congress. Although I knew they would never be approved, they gave me a look into his economic ideology.

It was quite apparent that President Obama truly believed in spending our way to prosperity and creating bigger government while working to gain more social control. This obviously didn’t work well for the U.S. economy.

Of course, criticism in the world of politics is very easy because it requires no work. It’s like criticizing the illegal actions of executive orders, but then doing nothing about them. This has been the mantra of the GOP for the past eight years. Continue reading…