‘It’s Time for a Recalibration’—Why the Faithful Voted for Change

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By Sam Rohrer

As President-elect Donald Trump solidifies his administration, we can look at the liberal media and the political establishment class who are still scratching their heads about the election results of nearly a month ago. But I—as a former legislator, an observer of history and a pastor—had a different way of looking at the huge defeat handed to Democrats. Let’s look at just a few of the reasons the “blue wall” was torn down, the philosophy of globalism was rejected and the playground of elite establishment was obliterated. And let’s consider a few of the motivating factors that allowed folks in the quiet of the voting booth to so uniformly choose as they did. (more…)

One Pen Stroke

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By Twila Brase

On Day One, President Trump can right a 23-year wrong

With one stroke of his executive pen, Donald Trump can provide senior citizens a path to private insurance.

On August 30, 1993, the Social Security Administration (SSA) under President Bill Clinton promulgated rules to counter the fact that “[S]ome individuals entitled to monthly benefits have asked to waive Hospital Insurance (HI) entitlement because of religious or philosophical reasons, or because they prefer other health insurance.” (more…)

Thirty-Five Days or Eight Years?

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By Dan Celia

With confidence in America rising, Trump’s accomplishments will outdo Obama

It’s not likely that we’ll see much of a blip on the radar screen as the Fed prepares to raise rates. Three months ago, that would have been an excuse for the market to drop like a rock.

While the Libs are whining about Russia and conservative media are trying to defend the lunacy of a rigged election, no one on either side is talking about a corrupt campaign and a money-hungry, power-grabbing, corrupt state department. That would require a conversation about the content of emails and private servers.

All of this is happening while the markets and consumer sentiment are through the roof. I don’t think even radical liberals believe any of this is because of the “leadership” in the White House. (more…)

Pearl Harbor | 75 Years Ago | A Day to Remember Forever

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By Dan Celia

On this day in 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, an act that pulled the United States of America into the second World War. Many would say this day 75 years ago was one of the darkest in our civilization.

Today, we can remember the incredible evil that was then in our world, and perhaps still is. It’s a day to remember World War II and the greatest generation of Americans. We cannot reflect on any of this without first remembering that World War II was perhaps one of the noblest stands against evil. The men and women who fought on the front lines and behind the lines battled to ensure that evil would not then or ever prevail against America. (more…)

Will Cheap Gas Hit the Road?

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By Dan Celia

Since the OPEC agreement last week to curb production, we’ve seen gas prices climb bit by bit every day since. This, obviously, has many people concerned about how the deal will impact consumers, particularly as we head into a peak shopping season.

But before we get too concerned about higher gas prices or climbing oil stocks, let’s wait until Monday. This weekend, 15 non-OPEC countries and OPEC nations will meet in an attempt to figure out how all of this will impact them. And it is not out of the realm of possibility that by the end of the weekend, the entire production cut deal will fall apart. (more…)

Before You Vote, Consider the President’s 8 Tall Tales About Obamacare

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By Twila Brase

Who will Voters Trust with America’s Health Care Future?

The truth is hard to come by in Obamacare.

Americans are still reeling from the news that premiums will climb by double-digits. Adding pain to misery, about 1 in 5 will also have just one insurer to pick from.

But before that disturbing announcement, President Obama gave a 49-minute speech praising his law. His audience was filled with enthusiastic college students, the demographic coveted by advocates of the Affordable Care Act. Most of them probably have no idea that the law’s individual mandate was aimed right at them. The plan was to force the young and healthy to pay sky-high premiums to cover the costs of people with pre-existing conditions. (more…)

Wise―Like I’d Hope to Be

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By Alex McFarland

Even with a Supernatural Star for Guidance, the Wise Men Had Far Less Divine Enlightenment Than We

The account of the Wise Men found in Chapter 2 of the book of Matthew is a part of the Christmas story that is fascinating, inspiring, yet enigmatic. Exactly who were these visitors? What do we know about them? Some have even wondered if the story of the Magi somehow means that the Bible is OK with astrology. (more…)

Why We Launched the Wedge

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The desperate sounds of Obamacare’s death spiral are reverberating through the White House. Obama’s legacy act is in deep, deep trouble.

Obamacare co-ops are collapsing one after another. The nation’s largest insurers are backing out of Obamacare exchanges. And double-digit premium increases are forecast as two of the law’s three taxpayer-funded insurer “bailout” programs (risk corridors, reinsurance) come to an end. Billions of taxpayer dollars to pay insurers for federally-mandated pre-existing condition coverage will disappear. President Obama wanted the young and healthy to be hit with these costs, but most of the young wisely refused to enroll.

But now, even as Obamacare implodes, Americans face the difficult realities of the law’s consolidation of the entire industry. These realities will be difficult (but not impossible) to reverse: higher premiums, higher deductibles, fewer choices, the loss of affordable insurance, penalties for being uninsured, loss of privacy, community and rural hospital closures, health system monopolies and the early retirement of trusted doctors.

Read more: http://www.cchfreedom.org/cchf.php/1192

In Their Own Words: A Party Platform Guide for the Informed Voter

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It is a Christian’s duty to vote. And when they vote, they should be informed voters. In other words, they should know where the candidates stand on the issues, and then they should vote their values, beliefs, and convictions. As a public service, we are presenting the Republican and Democrat party platforms side by side on the moral issues facing the nation. You can read and compare what the parties say in their own words about where they stand. In addition to the excerpts below, you can read the full party platforms HERE (RNC) and HERE (DNC).

Read more: https://whydoyoubelieve.org/2016/08/01/in-their-own-words-a-party-platform-guide-for-the-informed-voter/