Change Is Coming

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(This editorial originally appeared in; image from Townhall.)

By Dan Celia

Last weekend, the Democratic Party selected former Secretary of Labor Tom Perez to lead it into the future. We saw very little from an economic perspective come out of the Obama administration for the past eight years, but Perez bears many similarities to another former labor secretary—Ray Marshall.

Marshall served from 1977 to 1981, and like Perez, he presided over a 1978-style labor participation rate. But there is one a major difference: Secretary Marshall actually lived and worked in the labor department in 1978. One can only suspect that Secretary Perez might take the Democratic Party back to a better time—decades ago, some time in the 20th century. Continue reading…

The Stress-Free Way to Know God’s Will

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(From the blog of Alex McFarland)

Christina had just finished her undergraduate program with a degree in elementary education. She was praying for direction from God for her career. Two offers came in from Christian schools that were several hundred miles apart. The decision-making process turned out to be tougher than Christina anticipated. Either position appeared to represent a good opportunity. Christina reasoned, “They can’t both be a call from God. I have this nagging fear that whichever school I choose I may be getting out of His will.”

Adolescents face plenty of significant decisions: Where should I go to college? What major should I choose? Where will I work? Whom should I marry? What does God want me to do with my life? More than a few Christians have worried that a wrong turn might set their life on a less-than-ideal trajectory. Is there one right choice? Can God reset the dominoes that we knock over by mistake? We’ve all second-guessed ourselves and asked such questions in moments of indecision. Continue reading…

Fed Illusions or Economic Reality?

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(This post originally appeared in | Image from Townhall)

By Dan Celia

Federal Reserve Chairperson Janet Yellen has been speaking this week to the Senate Banking Committee and the House Financial Services Committee, with everyone hanging on her every word. All the financial news media and other press outlets have covered her remarks, breathlessly waiting to see what the markets will do.

Well, they might have been doing this six months ago, but now we are seeing and hearing very little reaction from the markets. This non-reaction is evidence of what I have been writing about for several months—namely, the irrelevancy of the Federal Reserve.

More importantly, to me it confirms what I’ve also been saying for so long—that we have had a market built primarily on false positives. Continue reading…

How America Pays for Abortion

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And why Neil Gorsuch must be confirmed as the next justice of the Supreme Court

(This post originally appeared in

By Sam Rohrer

Almost every day, we hear numbers reflecting the national debt now at nearly $20 trillion. Much of the debt was added during the eight years of the Obama administration — which, strangely enough, was a proponent of abortion at all stages of pregnancy.

The untold truth is how much better off the United States would be if abortion rights had never been supposedly “found” in the 14th Amendment to the Constitution in 1973 by the Supreme Court.

Let’s start with the chilling numbers. Continue reading…

Removing the Middle Man of Health Care

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There’s a smart way to bring efficiency back to health care

(This post originally appeared in; photo from LifeZette)

By James Lansberry

You have through the end of the day Tuesday to decide if you want to drive a wedge between you and your doctor.

The Affordable Care Act’s deadline to sign up for health insurance without penalty is Jan. 31. Health insurance can be privately purchased, purchased on an exchange, or obtained through an employer. No matter how you get it, though, you may find there are better options for you than insurance.

Continue reading…

An Unconventional President?

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(This post originally appeared in; photo from Townhall)

By Dan Celia

Every day for the past 15 days, we have seen President Donald Trump place a priority on keeping his campaign promises to the American people, from creating jobs to tightening immigration, cutting regulatory burdens and appointing strong leaders to his cabinet. He has also—perhaps most importantly—set out to change the face of the U.S. Supreme Court, just as he promised.

We are in a day where conservatives, Christians and patriots can celebrate a president who cares deeply about America. Still, I suggest we all take a deep breath and repeat after me: “It’s only been 15 days.”

Continue reading…

Democrats went off the rails trying to protect socialized medicine

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Why are adult members of Congress acting like misbehaving children?

On Wednesday, Democratic members of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee staged a protest against GOP Congressman Tom Price’s nomination as Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Rather than act in a respectable manner befitting their responsibilities as public servants, Democrats boycotted the vote. Twelve chairs sat empty.

The Republicans in charge responded by suspending the rule that requires at least one Democrat to be present for every vote. Then, in a 14-0 vote, they sent Dr. Price’s nomination to the Senate floor for a full vote.

This is not the first time Democrats in Congress have gone off the rails when they didn’t get their way. On June 22, they staged a 25-hour sit-in to demand action on gun control. They sat together on the House floor, snapping photographs and violating House rules. Eventually they gave up and went home.

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Higher Education: ‘A Four-Year Attack on America and God’

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Free speech, free thought, and a student’s true potential are all casualties of a PC culture

By Alex McFarland

(This post originally appeared in

“College costs four years and $100,000 to discover that you can’t know anything.”

Variations of that sentiment have been circulated by trend watchers, cultural commentators and worldview speakers like myself for years now. Over a decade ago, in his excellent and heavily footnoted work “Brainwashed,” author Ben Shapiro observed that a college “education” at many universities today amounts to “a four-year attack on America and God.”

Shapiro had been fired from the UCLA Daily Bruin for writing an op-ed piece around the radical idea that the nation of Israel should not be forced by the U.N. to give up land for peace. Though extortion-like “land-for-peace” agreements have never brought lasting peace to the Middle East, and though such arrangements have never served the best interests of the nation of Israel, approval of such has been the accepted party line for much of Western academia for years.

Continue reading…

Why the Doctor Only Takes Cash

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(This article originally appeared in the print edition of TIME Magazine.)

Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom’s president and co-founder Twila Brase was interviewed by TIME Magazine about the growing wave of cash-based practices, which, she says, allow charity to return to medicine. Read the entire article here…

In 2016, CCHF launched The Wedge of Health Freedom ( to restore simplicity, affordability and confidentiality to health care. Thus far, nearly 200 Wedge practices, where patients can find affordable, patient-centered care, are located in 44 states and can be found online.

Reasons Things Are Looking Up

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Investor confidence and small business optimism, coupled with sane fiscal policy, likely to boost economy

(This post originally appeared on

By Dan Celia

Americans certainly have many reasons to be optimistic about 2017, starting with the markets and the economy. After all, according to a recent Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index, post-election investor optimism hit a nine-year high during the month of November. This cannot be solely credited to the election, but it is the third-straight quarter of improving sentiment; nine months of this kind of trajectory certainly represents a positive trend.

You often hear me talk about the National Business Survey, which is a survey of thousands of small businesses across the country. The National Federation of Independent Businesses conducts this online sampling each month. Last month, I mentioned that, for the first time in ages, confidence in the economy had crossed into positive territory. (more…)