American Family Association: State of the Union Can Be a Family Affair

American Family Association: State of the Union Can Be a Family Affair

Tonight’s State of the Union Address Allows Parents to Create a Teachable Moment About America’s Past, Present and Future

February 4, 2020

TUPELO, Miss.—For tonight’s State of the Union address, many families, even those not necessarily politically active, may feel an urgency to turn on the television and watch, pay attention, pray and educate themselves and their children.

Whitney White, a writer for American Family Association’s (AFA, blog site, The Stand, shared that, just like last year, she and her husband plan to allow their young sons to stay up late and watch the State of the Union, recognizing that the address is a teachable moment, a chance to answer questions and an opportunity to engage as a family.

“I was blown away by their interest and wisdom at such a young age,” White recalled of her boys. “And to be honest, I was stumped by many of their questions, which led us to research the answers.”

In her column, White also provides a short State of the Union history refresher lesson for parents as well as a list of interesting facts to share.

“(For generations), families would stop what they were doing to gather around and listen, regardless of the president’s political party or views,” White wrote. “Most especially after WWII, the American people valued what the president had to say and felt a strong sense of patriotism. Parents at that time taught their children to honor and respect the president since he was the highest authority in our land.”

AFA President Tim Wildmon added that families now have no excuse to tune out the importance of the State of the Union address.

“Various modes of entertainment, busy schedules, social media and a general apathy for the many issues this country faces cause us to turn the channel or not tune in at all,” he said. “Let us not turn a blind eye to what our president has to say, and let’s not squander this opportunity to share both a piece of history and a piece of the future of our nation with our children and grandchildren.”

Added White, “Whether you agree with President Trump or not, this is a historical, learning experience we should make time for. I know from experience, parents will be in awe of how much their children actually do pay attention to the key people, the approval and disapproval amongst parties, the facial expressions, the important issues and the memorable special guests. Their questions will be endless—and that’s a good thing!

“Let the kids stay up late and make this a fun family night!” she continued. “Show your children that you love this country and care about its issues. Regardless of political party division, our nation is still one great nation under God!”

The 2020 State of the Union address will air at 9 p.m. EST, Tuesday, Feb. 4.

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