American Family Association Thanks President for Two Actions Protecting Religious Freedom




American Family Association Thanks President for Two Actions Protecting Religious Freedom

TUPELO, Miss.—The Associated Press reported today that President Donald Trump will allow more employers to opt out of providing birth control to their employees if they have religious or moral objections, as his administration issued a new rule today that rolls back this Affordable Care Act policy.

Additionally, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a directive today that agencies do as much as possible to accommodate those who feel their religious freedoms are being violated when it comes to LGBT policies, reported Fox News.

The American Family Association (AFA, said the actions today make good on the president’s promises to protect religious liberties.

The American Family Association is heartened to see strong action taken on two issues that have long troubled those with closely held religious beliefs,” said AFA President Tim Wildmon. “No one should be forced to either pay for a service or perform a service that violates their faith. AFA thanks President Trump for his continued commitment to religious freedom, and for the real and tangible ways his administration is creating policies to protect Americans’ constitutionally granted liberties.”

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