American Family Association: ‘We Are Grateful for What President Trump Accomplished Over the Last Four Years’

January 25, 2021

TUPELO, Miss.— Although some havecited Trump’s four years in office as one of the most “intense presidencies in American history, there is much to celebrate about the legacy he leaves behind. As a new administration settles itself into the oval office, American Family Association (AFA, believes it is important to recognize the many accomplishments that President Donald Trump achieved for our country over the last four years.

“It has been rare in our lifetimes to have a president who has done exactly what he promised to do while running as a candidate,” stated Ed Vitagliano, executive vice president of the American Family Association. “AFA wants to take this opportunity to thank President Donald J. Trump for keeping his promises, especially those related to the appointment of constitutionalist judges to the federal judiciary, protecting innocent human life, safeguarding religious liberty, and being a true ally to the nation of Israel. While he was a flawed human being like everyone else, we are grateful for what President Trump accomplished over the last four years. We encourage Christians to continue praying for him, First Lady Melania Trump, and their family.”

Standout accomplishments achieved during the Trump administration include:

  • With help from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Trump stocked the federal judiciary with conservatives at a record pace of 226 federal judges in just four years, including three Supreme Court justices.  
  • Trump pursued a pro-life agenda, becoming the first president to speak in person at the annual March for Life, pushing to defund the abortion giant Planned Parenthood, and urging Congress to end late-term abortions, plus signing an executive order protecting religious groups objecting to the contraceptive mandate in Obamacare. 
  • The nation witnessed slashed taxes, spurring economic growth that broke stock market records, which made the country energy independent, and reduced unemployment to the lowest level in half-a-century while lifting median black household incomes to record levels.   
  • When the COVID-19 pandemic threatened the economy and the country, Trump ordered an unprecedented effort that created and produced vaccines in record-breaking time in less than a year. 
  • President Trump enacted reforms to make the U.S. justice system fairer for all and forged peace deals in the Middle East for the first time in generations, securing the Abraham Accords to advance peace and prosperity and kept his promise the U.S. would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move the American embassy there. 
  • After renegotiating trade deals, insisting they were hurting the U.S., the Trump administration labeled China as the new geopolitical threat of the 21st century. President Trump also placed sanctions on top Chinese companies and banned Tik-Tok because of national security concerns.

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