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American Family Association’s #BoycottTarget Marks Two Years, 1.5 Million Signatures and Thousands of Safer Families

AFA President Tim Wildmon: Powerful Group of Target Boycotters Are Making a Difference, But Target Still Refuses to Reverse Harmful Policy

TUPELO, Miss.—This week, the American Family Association’s (AFA, immensely successful #BoycottTarget initiative is marking two years, 1.5 million signatures and thousands of safer families who are now steering clear of Target, which refuses to reverse a dangerous and misguided restroom policy.

Just last month in Chicago, another child was subjected to a scarring experience, when a man forced his way into a women’s bathroom stall occupied by a little girl and exposed himself.

Two years ago, in April 2016, Target made the ill-fated decision to announce that all were welcome in its restrooms and changing areas—regardless of one’s biological sex. The result of this is men having open access to women’s restrooms and changing areas. After a dismal downturn in revenue, stock prices and foot traffic—and, more importantly, many traumatic and criminal incidents in Target restrooms—the retailer refuses to change its tune.

“Even two years later, Target executives won’t acknowledge that the powerful #BoycottTarget movement has anything to do with waning business,” said AFA President Tim Wildmon. “But we know better. Millions of shoppers and thousands of families no longer spend their hard-earned money at Target. There is strength in numbers, and this significant community is making a difference.

 “#BoycottTarget was AFA’s fastest-growing campaign, garnering a million signatures about a month,” Wildmon continued. “We delivered 500,000 signatures to Target headquarters, then another million in the months following. This important initiative has long-lasting effects, but those who have signed must stay true to their pledge to no longer shop at Target, as well as spread the word to others.”

Boycott efforts haven’t stopped at the 1.5 million mark, nor will they cease at 2 million signatures. Not until Target changes its policy and offers a plan that keeps everyone safe will AFA and its millions of friends and supporters be satisfied. AFA continues to urge those concerned about keeping families safe to the sign #BoycottTarget pledge in order to reach 2 million signatures.

  • SIGN—If you haven’t already, sign the #BoycottTarget pledge If you have signed, keep the commitment not to shop at Target stores or online.
  • SHARE—Ask family, friends and church members to sign the pledge. One effective strategy is to voice concerns politely but firmly on Target’s Facebook page and other social media sites using #BoycottTarget.
  • VISIT—Go to to keep up with news and to read some of the frightening incidents that have occurred at Target.

“As AFA has stated many times, our worries do not necessarily stem from fear of transgender individuals,” added Wildmon, “but rather, from both the real and potential threat that predators and voyeurs would take advantage of the Target bathroom policy to harm women and children—and there are plenty of incidents to show that they have.”

American Family Association is available to do immediate breaking news interviews via its LTN line at AFA studio headquarters. Contact for more information or call 610.584.1096, ext. 102.

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