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American Heritage Girls for The Christian News Journal: God Calls Broken People

By Patti Garibay for The Christian News Journal

Turn on any TV or radio, or open any online article, and you’ll be cast into a sea of “wokeness” – news item after news item, drowning viewers, listeners and readers with “enlightened” language. 

This “wokeness ideology” is attempting a coup d’état on our society – creeping into our schools, our churches and our media. Wokeness may be a new term for many – but the ideology is the offspring of secular humanism – an enemy that has been present for decades. Put simply, this ideology is the rejection of religion and natural law in favor of what feels good in the moment. 

Understanding that we possess gifts bestowed upon us by God is so very important. He has granted us these gifts that we may strive to be more like Him: faith, morals and ethics.  

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