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April 27, 2022

CINCINNATI, Ohio —On her national radio program “Raising Godly Girls,” Founder and Executive Director of American Heritage Girls Patti Garibay recently discussed how parents can encourage girls to succeed without pushing them too far.

Garibay stated, “As parents, we want to raise our daughter to spread her wings and stand on her own two feet. While pushing your girl toward independence is necessary for her adulthood, it is possible to push too hard.

“There’s a delicate line between pushing your girl and allowing her to move at her own pace. You may want her to join the school’s traveling debate team the moment she hits high school, but maybe she isn’t ready until later. Ecclesiastes says, ‘There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.’”

Garibay concluded, “A healthy balance starts with taking the time to get to know your girl’s strengths and growth areas. This will help as you prayerfully steer her in the right direction.”

The “Raising Godly Girls” radio feature and Raising Godly Girls blog shares guidance and biblically based advice on many key topics affecting girls today. It gives parents, educators, and faith community leaders a set of tools and resources to assist in raising girls after God’s own heart. The “Raising Godly Girls Minute” with Patti Garibay airs on 900+ Christian radio stations across America. 

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