American Pastors Network Explores 5G/AI on Popular Daily Radio Show

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American Pastors Network Explores 5G/AI on Popular Daily Radio Show

5G technology, artificial intelligence (AI), China and the persecution of Christians make headlines daily. But what is the tie between all these hot topics?

Sam Rohrer, president of the American Pastors Network (APN), recently explored these extraordinary subjects on the daily “Stand in the Gap Today,” radio program, as well as made a nationally critical recommendation.

Listen to the program here.

Rohrer, co-hosts and guests discussed the following:

  • Rapid increase in technological knowledge and what God predicted about this knowledge increase in the end days
  • Current statistics about how knowledge is now doubling every 24 hours
  • Official and layman definitions of 5G and AI
  • Benefits of combining 5G and AI technologies
  • Grave risks of combining 5G and AI, showcasing how China is manifesting totalitarian control of their people through these means
  • How China is now rewriting the Bible using AI and other methods to make a new Christian religion in China that supports socialism and enslaves the people
  • How China is showcasing the persecution of Christians and implementing 5G and AI, much like the Antichrist will do
  • Solutions, with the key policy recommendation that President Donald Trump and his administration tie together economic negotiations with China, as well as AI and 5G technology, with ending the persecution of Christians in China.

Rohrer also shares biblical insights on APN’s daily 60-second radio feature, “Stand in the Gap Minute,” heard on hundreds of stations nationwide. Rohrer and his radio co-hosts also explore headline-making cultural issues on the daily, live, one-hour radio program, as well as the weekly television program, “Stand in the Gap TV.”