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March 30, 2017 

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American Pastors Network Explores the Question: ‘Is Islam Luring American Church Into Denying Jesus?’

Webinar for Pastors Invited Former Imam Mark Christian to Share the Grave Dangers of Islam and the Role of Today’s Church

PHILADELPHIA—At a time when many are hesitant to talk about Islam and the church, the American Pastors Network (APN, and its president, Sam Rohrer, hosted an important conference call and webinar last week for pastors, leaders and church members so they could learn about the dangers of Islam, as well as how to protect their churches and their freedom.

The event featured insight from former Imam Dr. Mark Christian, who has family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, for the event titled, “Is Islam Luring the American Church Into Denying Jesus?” Christian is a frequent guest on “Stand in the Gap Today,” the radio ministry of APN, which airs on 425 stations nationwide. During the call, Christian shared his experiences and insights, as well as how pastors and churches should be on guard when it comes to Islam in America. Participants were also able to ask Christian questions at the end of the webinar. To view the full event, click here.

Christian media outlets were also invited to participate, and several explored the event in-depth, including The Christian Post and One News Now, the news service of the American Family Association.

In its coverage, with the headline, “What Does the ‘Bible’ and ‘Jesus’ Mean to Muslims? Converted Imam Explains,” The Christian Post reported that some Muslims in the U.S. are using “Islamic deception” to fool Christians into believing misconceptions about the religion, according to Christian. He asserted that although Muslims are not the enemy, some Muslims in the West are trying to distort the truth about what Muslims really believe in order deceive Western Christians into thinking that Muslims believe the same things they do, The Christian Post also reported.

“Many Christians actually want to believe these things are true, others are taking them with a grain of salt, and some don’t understand what they really mean,” Christian explained. “I want to go one after another and talk about those main things we hear a lot in media, at the church …”

A common misconception that Christian addressed is the claim that Muslims also believe in the Bible.

“You hear a lot of Muslims or others say, ‘Muslims are very good because they believe in the Bible as well, and there are verses in the Quran that say that,’” Christian said. “Well, there is no verse in the Quran that says they believe in the Bible. As a matter of fact, [look at] Quran 2:75-77. … When they say we believe in the Bible, you would think that they believe in the Bible in its current form. The reality is, Muslims say, ‘We believe in the Bible.’ And you want to believe it’s the Bible in your hand. But, they believe in something different.”

Read the full Christian Post article here.

One News Now also covered the event, bringing to light that alleged interfaith dialogue “has been going on for ages” and has always been between Christians and Jews. Islam wasn’t a part of that equation for the most part until hours after 9/11, Christian added.

One News Now also reported that the Islamic Society of North America, started by the Muslim Brotherhood, has been advocating the “Shoulder-to-Shoulder Campaign.” The movement since 2007 has urged Christian leaders to sign a deceptive document titled, “A Common Word Between Us and You.” Christian explains that according to Islam, a “common word” refers to the Quran—and the Quran alone.

“So they say in obedience to the Holy Quran, we as the Muslims are asking you Christians to come with us and come to be with us by doing—what?” Christian said. “By leaving Jesus Christ out and to believe in the Quran and agree on the Quran.”

Christian also said, according to One News Now, that it is unfortunate that 281 Christian leaders and many different denominations in America have signed the “Common Word” document, including the American Baptist Churches USA, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), The Episcopal Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Presbyterian Church (USA), Progressive National Baptist Convention, Sojourners and United Church of Christ.

Read the One News Now story here.

Several pastors and church leaders who also participated had positive feedback for the outreach that allowed them to learn more about this very timely topic.

“The presentation ‘Is Islam Luring the American Church Into Denying Jesus?’ by Dr. Mark Christian was both timely and well communicated,” wrote one millennial-aged pastor. “I was greatly impacted by the gravity of the fact of how influential Islam’s misnomer of ‘tolerance’ is infiltrating America’s churches and pulpits. As a pastor, I am more keenly aware of the dangers that are both subtly and blatantly pervading society. While I am saddened at the number of denominations who are getting cozy with Islam, I am also encouraged by the many bold believers who are taking a stand for truth. Thank you, APN, for this helpful resource.”

Another participant added, “Praise the Lord for this presentation! I think this information connected the dots with the missing thread that helps to really make the understanding of the devilish nature of Islam more easily understood and why they are at war with the world.”

And yet another remarked, “This was a critical cord woven through this presentation that I don’t believe has been presented anywhere else. My knowledge of Islam is far greater than most, but I heard things today that were critical. It helps to connect the dots in such a way that some of the unexplainable things about Islam became understood.”

Rohrer is also a part of Faith Leaders for America, a new organization made up of a dedicated group of clergy from various faith communities who share a common commitment to freedom—freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the other liberties guaranteed by our Constitution—along with a firm commitment to address the imminent threats to those freedoms.

Read more about the American Pastors Network and its “Stand in the Gap” radio ministry here.


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