American Pastors Network Leaders Discuss on Radio New Study Showing Growth of Islam




American Pastors Network Leaders Discuss on Radio New Study Showing Growth of Islam

APN’s ‘Stand in the Gap’ Radio Program Explores Question: ‘If Muslim Population Surpassed Jewish Population in America, Can Republic Survive?’


PHILADELPHIA—Just days ago, the Pew Research Center reported new findings about a growing U.S. Muslim population and the possibility that, over the next two decades, Muslims will outnumber Jews in America.

This topic was a central focus of a recent “Stand in the Gap Today” program, the one-hour, live radio ministry of the American Pastors Network (APN, On Friday’s show, host Sam Rohrer discussed the Pew survey with radio guest Leo Hohmann, an independent investigative reporter who specializes in refugee resettlement and Islamic migration into the West and author of “Stealth Invasion.”

“As a competing political system Muhammadan Islam’s Sharia law is in direct opposition to constitutional law,” said Rohrer, who also serves as the APN president. “The concept of self-government in America is repudiated and outlawed in Islam, not to mention vast differences in economics, finances, education, private property and everything contained in the U.S. Constitution. But even more than this is the aggressive pursuit to dominate and subjugate all those who do not bow the knee to Islam. This is where the trouble really explodes, and we’ve been seeing it in the Middle East, Europe and, yes, here in the U.S. as well, although the controlled media does its best to cover up these examples.”

Recent immigration debates, Pew reported, have prompted many to ask how many Muslims actually live in the United States. But coming up with an answer is not easy, according to Pew, “in part because the U.S. Census Bureau does not ask questions about religion, meaning there is no official government count of the U.S. Muslim population. Still, based on our own survey and demographic research, as well as outside sources, Pew Research Center estimates that there were about 3.45 million Muslims of all ages living in the U.S. in 2017, and that Muslims made up about 1.1 percent of the total U.S. population.”

This number, Pew noted, does not yet surpass the number of Americans who identify as Jewish, but by 2040, Pew projects, “the U.S. Muslim population will grow much faster than the country’s Jewish population” and will “replace Jews as the nation’s second-largest religious group after Christians.” By 2050, the U.S. Muslim population is projected to reach 8.1 million, or 2.1 percent of the nation’s total population—nearly twice the share of today.

On the show, Rohrer and Hohmann discussed the question “If Muslim Population Surpassed Jewish Population in America, Can the Republic Survive?” during a two-minute podcast clip. Listen to the Q&A here. Additionally, Rohrer and co-host Dave Kistler of the North Carolina Pastors Network discussed the impact on America if the Muslim population does indeed surpass the U.S. Jewish population. Listen here.

The rest of this week, “Stand in the Gap Today” will continue to delve into the most newsworthy topics from a biblical and constitutional perspective:

Monday, January 15

Rohrer welcomed Mark Lerner, co-founder of the Stop Real ID Coalition and the Constitutional Alliance. The two discussed the theme of “Surveillance & Biometrics: Greater Freedom or Slavery Just Ahead?” including these breakout topics: 1) Government’s Appetite to Control: Controllable?; 2) The Latest Means of Surveillance: How Close to Home?; and 3) Inevitable Control?

Listen to show clips on these topics below:

Tuesday, January 16

Lead host Isaac Crockett was joined by Rohrer and co-host Dave Kistler of the North Carolina Pastors Network on the theme of “Reaching the Inner Cities of America: How the Progressive Agenda is Changing America.”

Thursday’s program will focus on news updates from Israel and highlight an aspect of key international geopolitics, while Friday’s show will hone in on financial news.

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