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American Pastors Network Presents ‘The Case for Life’ | Why Christians Should Defend the Unborn

Believers Must Stand for Life and View Life as God Views It

PHILADELPHIA—Pastors this month who are called to teach their congregations about the sanctity of life can turn to many thought-provoking resources to take the Bible’s lessons from pulpit to pew.

The American Pastors Network (APN) seeks to regularly equip pastors with resources like these and explored the topic of the sanctity of life last Friday on its daily, one-hour live radio program, “Stand in the Gap Today,” which airs on about 400 stations nationwide.

APN President Sam Rohrer and co-hosts Gary Dull and Dave Kistler, who serve as APN state chapter leaders in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, respectively, presented “The Case for Life—The High Cost of Murder” on the show, which coincided with the 46th annual March for Life in Washington, D.C.

“We pray the current Supreme Court justices were witness to the tens of thousands outside the courthouse on Friday,” Rohrer said. “Leaders and supporters in the pro-life movement emphasized the horrendous impacts of legalized abortion and the need to defund the leading murderer-of-the-unborn machine called Planned Parenthood. Sunday was also designated as ‘Sanctity of Life Sunday,’ with many pastors emphasizing and making the case for life as they stand in their pulpits.

“The Bible says in Genesis 2:7, ‘And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life,’” Rohrer added. “The preamble to the Declaration of Independence recognizes this amazing miracle and says, ‘We are endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights, among these are life and liberty.’ Life is recognized as sacred and special by those who believe in Creation and fear God. To those who refute Creation and oppose God, life is cheap, dispensable and not at all sacred.”

In the end, Rohrer added, one’s view of life and death is a matter of worldview. A biblical worldview will revere, protect and cherish life. A secular humanist or atheist worldview will negotiate away the value of life and join with any movement that places one life of greater value than another.

“These two worldviews oppose each other and are in continual opposition, and have been since the first days after Creation when Cain murdered his own brother, Abel, and spilled his blood on the ground,” Rohrer said. “That’s why it is so crucial that Christians stand up for life when others will not. As believers in Jesus Christ and followers of God’s Word, we are implored to support life as sacred as God has established it and know why the cost of death is so very high.”

Rohrer added that while the pro-life community is vocal and committed, those who hold a secular worldview are making progress as well, evidenced by increasing murder rates, only slightly modified abortion rates and doctor-assisted euthanasia bills before 27 state legislatures.

“Christians must ask ourselves: ‘In our culture’s efforts to limit abortion, have we ignored the more fundamental understanding and the defense for life?” Rohrer said. “Regardless, this month, we focus on the precious lives of the unborn. This month, many voices will be heard: survivors of botched attempts at murder referred to as abortion, people whose mothers decided at the last moment not to abort them and many disabled people who the abortion crowd would say are of less value and should have been murdered in the womb. They are sharing their moving stories of why they are so glad to be alive today.

“For those who support life, these stories are gripping, very real, encouraging and convincing,” he continued. “For those who oppose life, these examples are most often ignored, downplayed or just flat-out rejected. The support of life and the opposition to death is a fundamental distinguishing factor in individuals, societies and nations. Nations whose laws are built on the principles of Judeo-Christian thought will protect life and punish those who murder. Nations who are guided by the ideologies of atheism, Islam, globalism and post-Christian ideologies will destroy lives of those with whom they disagree and value lives of those who agree with them. We see the world running full-steam-ahead into the embracing of equating the value of life with agreement with government or usefulness to society, as made popular by Karl Marx and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. So it is important to know why life is important and why we must view life as God views it.”

Over its five years in existence, APN has started and maintained three national radio programs—“Stand in the Gap Today,” “Stand in the Gap Minute” and “Stand in the Gap Weekend”—airing on over 1,200 radio combined stations nationwide at different times of day and reaching millions each week. These very popular and well-received programs consider the most important concerns facing the world from a biblical and constitutional perspective.

In April 2018, APN began a new weekly television program, which considers transcending cultural issues, seemingly difficult to navigate, from a biblical worldview perspective. “Stand in the Gap TV” first aired on WBPH in Philadelphia and has expanded to VCY-TV in the Milwaukee market, Lighthouse Channel 49 and the national Upliftv network. Rohrer and co-host and millennial pastor Isaac Crockett routinely welcome expert guests to lend insight into topics such as: gun control, immigration, opioid addiction, race relations, Israel, Islam, marriage, voting and more.

View the media page for APN here, which also details information about “Stand in the Gap.” For more information on APN, visit www.AmericanPastorsNetwork.net, its Facebook page or follow APN’s Twitter feed, @AmericanPastors. To form a state chapter of APN, contact amy@americanpastors.net.