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American Pastors Network: The Border Debate: A Two-Front War?

Should the U.S. Be Thinking as Strategically as Israel When It Comes to the Protection of Borders? Experts Including Brigitte Gabriel Weigh In

PHILADELPHIA—The immigration debate is creating deep division across the nation, says the American Pastors Network (APN), and APN President Sam Rohrer has discussed with several experts whether the U.S. has anything in common with Israel when it comes to the protection of borders.

“On the ‘Stand in the Gap Today’ radio program, we welcome many expert guests who help listeners sort through the headlines from a biblical and constitutional lens,” Rohrer said. “For example, on a recent show, we focused on Israel and the Middle East from an on-the-ground geo-political perspective but also a biblical and prophetical perspective. We highlighted the fact that because Israel has rightly identified true enemies in the form of the Palestinians and Hamas to the south and Iranian-backed Hezbollah to the north. The Israel Defense Forces are actively involved in military drills and exercises training—right now—preparing to conduct a two-front war.

“Going deeper, should our nation be thinking as strategically as Israel?” Rohrer continued. “Is it possible the migrant caravans amassing on our southern border and the opponents of the rule of law and orderly immigration within our borders parallel Israel’s two-front war? Is this ongoing border debate an insignificant and harmless exercise in subjective differences of opinion or are we really talking about an issue that goes to the very heart of our existence, viability and security as a nation? These are questions every American—and Christian—should consider at this very tumultuous time in our history.”

For this important topic, Rohrer recently welcomed New York Times best-selling author, terrorism expert, legal immigrant and Act for America founder Brigitte Gabriel to the program, discussing with her how the border debate and the caravans are dividing the nation into two camps.

“This division is real and getting deeper, and in this is real danger,” Rohrer said. “High-stakes threats of the president permanently closing the border or allowing a government shutdown if money is not appropriated for the building of a wall are both very real possibilities. In light of this, should we view our borders and border debate as Israel does—with potential enemies of America on the southern border and enemies of our Judeo-Christian way of life and governance on the inside—or like the North American version of the Islamic migrant overrun of Europe?”

Listen to interaction on this topic between Gabriel and the “Stand in the Gap Today” hosts for answers to these crucial questions:

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