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America’s children are under attack at school

By Walker Wildmon for AMERICAN THINKER

Imagine, for a moment, being a fifth-grader going back to school this month.  After class, you sit down at a computer in the school library to do some research for a homework assignment.  And then you see this article headline on the school research database: “Wanna see banned footage? Try Pornhub,” along with a live URL link that takes you straight to the Pornhub website at the bottom of the article.

Or you might see headlines like “The 54 Best Sex Positions” or “26 Things Gay Sex Workers Want You to Know,” again with live URL links straight to magazine articles filled with shockingly explicit adult content, including photos and graphic illustrations of sex acts.

With one click, your innocence could be destroyed forever.  And your parents wouldn’t know the truth until it’s too late.

Sadly, these are not hypothetical examples meant to shock you.  These articles are real examples of what tens of millions of K–12 students can find with the click of a button on their school computer.

To you and me, this is clearly evil and disgusting.  But alarmingly, not everyone agrees.

Powerful elites in school administration, library administration, legislatures, and political activist groups have combined to deliberately preserve access to pornographic content for students of all ages.  By calling concerned parents “domestic terrorists,” the radical leftists are doing their best to make parents the villains while simultaneously traumatizing children with explicit materials.

For example, the American Library Association (ALA) has developed a devious system where schools can claim that their libraries are clean — while in reality, all it takes is one click for students to hop from the school’s supposedly “clean” database to the ALA’s porn-filled public library database.

Plus, these school databases always have innocent, scholastic-sounding names, and they’re accessible only via student ID…

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