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In a new op-ed titled “Casualties of War: For Too Many Millennials, God and Country Are Non-Entities” for CNS News, author and religion/culture expert Dr. Alex McFarland ( writes that many troubling indicators could be cited regarding social, moral, financial, spiritual and familial prospects for masses of those aged 30 and under.

“Discussing such facts is certainly not an indictment of millennials as people,” he writes. “But our nation faces dire days ahead if we don’t honestly acknowledge the realities that are shaping the lives of millennials—and earnestly change course.

“Interacting with millennials is always intriguing, mostly inspiring and occasionally heartbreaking,” he continued. “This is because as relativism, political correctness and globalism were warping the minds of recent generations, liberalism was deconstructing and destroying the America they would inherit. It is little wonder that patriotism among youth is at an all-time low. Generations have been taught to reject morals and hate America.”

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McFarland, co-author of the new book, “Abandoned Faith: Why Millennials Are Walking Away and How You Can Lead Them Home,” adds that millennials don’t have spiritual giants like these to look up to—or even older adults who are fully committed to the Bible and living out a biblical worldview, so their faith continues to wane.

“Abandoned Faith” sheds new light on what Christian parents must do to reach their young adult children when it comes to matters of faith, and also offers a strong voice of hope for church leaders, employers and others who serve and love the millennial generation.