‘Are We There Yet?’ By Paul and Terrie Chappell Released Tomorrow!




‘Are We There Yet?’ By Paul and Terrie Chappell Released Tomorrow!

New Book Out Tuesday is a Travel-Themed Guide for Marriage; Chappells Launching Book Thursday at Maryland Couples Conference

LOS ANGELES—A new travel-theme guide for marriage called Are We There Yet? Marriage—a Perfect Journey for Imperfect Couples” by Dr. Paul and Terrie Chappell will hit store shelves and online retailers tomorrow, Oct. 17.

The Chappells write in “Are We There Yet?” that many people say “I do” with the assumption that marriage itself is a destination. But along the way, couples discover that, as wonderful as marriage may be, it is more of a journey than it is a destination. The Chappells’ new book focuses on the truth that a God-centered marriage can be a fulfilling destination rather than a frustration-filled trip.

“Marriage is an ongoing process of learning to understand and love your spouse as you draw closer to one another over the years,” Dr. Chappell said. “Yes, there are bumps in the road and detours along the way. But overall, marriage really is an awesome journey. None of us have ‘arrived,’ but when you take two people who are committed to the Lord and to one another and surrendered to follow what God says about marriage, there’s no telling where that marriage can go.

“God designed marriage to be an ongoing weaving together of two lives,” he continued. “This is why couples who have been married several decades—and have continued to grow in their relationship—have become so close that they really know one another. Sometimes it even seems like they are each other—a union, not separate units—in their daily living. The most significant ways this intertwining of souls takes place is through spiritual growth together. This doesn’t happen on the wedding day. It is in the ongoing habits carried out day after day—praying together, reading God’s Word together, worshipping together, serving together and living out God’s will with one another.”

Whether newlyweds or married for decades, husbands and wives will find truth in “Are We There Yet?” to help them clarify their destination, communicate their needs, grow as a couple and even shed some baggage along the way. With chapter titles such as “Paying with Foreign Currency,” “It’s a Two-Lane Highway,” “Roadblocks” and “Booking a Room,” “Are We There Yet?” explores topics from needs and communication to conflict and intimacy.

With the release tomorrow, just one day remains for the Are We There Yet? pre-order bonuses, which include Chapter 1 in PDF format, a marriage Q&A video session with the Chappells, and downloadable “Travel with Me” cards—52 questions to inspire your marriage journey.

The official launch of “Are We There Yet?” is set for 5:45 p.m. Oct. 19 during a reception at the Couples Conference at Emmanuel Baptist Temple on Thursday through Sunday in Hagerstown, Maryland. The weekend aims to give couples a boost of strength and encouragement for their marriage. Besides the Chappells, conference speakers include Dr. Tim and Sharon Rabon and Dr. Mark and April Campbell. View further details about the Couples Conference here.

“If you think of marriage as a journey, it’s not a stretch at all to compare God’s Word to a road map or a GPS guide,” Chappell added. “Our problem isn’t that God hasn’t given us answers, but that we—like most of us men—tend to think we’ll be fine without the map. Some Christians assume that the Bible is great for ‘spiritual’ advice—like church and prayer—but has little to say about the issues we deal with on a daily basis.  

“The truth is, the Bible addresses every practical area of life—including marriage,” he concluded. “That’s why Terrie and I are excited about this new book, ‘Are We There Yet?’ Although we shared many personal illustrations and emphasized practical applications throughout, the book really is Bible-based counsel. It’s the kind of counsel we’ve given couples now for over 30 years in pastoral ministry. So we encourage couples to not only remember that marriage is a journey, but to remember that God has provided direction for this journey and to seek out and follow His direction from His Word.”  

Read more about “Are We There Yet?” and the Chappells here. For more information on Dr. Paul Chappell and Lancaster Baptist Church, visit paulchappell.com or www.lancasterbaptist.org, or connect via social media on Facebook, Twitter or the church’s YouTube or Vimeo.