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As Boko Haram Spreads Violence in Nigeria, The Tide® Gospel Radio Program Provides Peace Through Gospel Radio Programming

Shares One Listener, ‘Message of Peace Has Permeated Community and Influenced the People in Such a Way That Boko Haram Has Begun to Soft-Pedal in the Their Brainwashed Pursuit of Violence’


CHAMBERSBURG, Pa.—Though Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa, many natives don’t have the financial means or spiritual opportunities to learn about Jesus in their own language. But The Tide® (www.thetide.org) global radio ministry’s “Radios for Nigeria” project has helped people listen to God’s Word in 11 different Nigerian languages.

“Nigeria has been severely impacted by the rise of Boko Haram’s power,” said The Tide Director Don Shenk. “Attacks on schools, violence, outbreaks of disease, violence and malnutrition are just some of the devastating reasons why Nigerians should turn to Jesus Christ for guidance. The Tide ministry’s Gospel radio broadcasts have brought immense joy to Nigerian natives, who have shared that our programs are like ‘new wine’ because they impart ‘newfound truth.’ We’re honored to reach so many in Nigeria through our Radios for Nigeria project, where generous donors can provide a radio to whole families or entire villages for just $40—the cost of a dinner or movie here is the U.S.”

Shared Muhamadu, a listener in Nigeria, “The message of peace has permeated the Hausa community and has influenced the people in such a way that Boko Haram has begun to soft-pedal their brainwashed pursuit of violence. One of their members (pleaded) for anonymity when he crawled into our crusade ground and was identified by our security personnel. We hid him, gave him food, and today he has abandoned his wickedness. He does not attend mosque prayers anymore.”

Later this year, The Tide ministry will offer programming in its 25th heart language—Isaan, spoken by 19 million people in Thailand. That initiative will allow Thailand to join multiple regions of Albania, Bhutan, India, Kosovo, Nepal, Nigeria and Zimbabwe, where The Tide ministry is already active in broadcasting gospel radio programming—in the languages people were born to speak.

For more information about The Tide broadcast projects, history, radio programs around the world, the new “Every Knee, Every Tongue” campaign, the “Have You Heard?” initiative, the weekly Global Update radio features or other news, visit its web site at www.thetide.org or its Facebook page. Read more about The Tide ministry and Don Shenk here.