Attendees to Dr. Alex McFarland’s Truth for a New Generation Conference Among the First to View New Film ‘The God Who Speaks’




Attendees to Dr. Alex McFarland’s Truth for a New Generation Conference Among the First to View New Film ‘The God Who Speaks’

March 23-24 Event in Greensboro, North Carolina, to Welcome Nation’s Top Speakers, Apologists, Authors and Influencers


GREENSBORO, N.C.—Not only will attendees to Dr. Alex McFarland’s ( Truth for a New Generation (TNG) conference hear from a knowledgeable and passionate lineup next month, they will also be among the first in the nation to view the new, feature-length film from the American Family Association (AFA) called “The God Who Speaks.” 

“The God Who Speaks” debuted on DVD and via digital rental Feb. 1, but the TNG audience will be able to view the film, which features McFarland as a contributor, on the first evening of the conference around 9 p.m. Friday, March 23.

“I am thrilled for attendees to the Truth for a New Generation conference to watch the spectacular film ‘The God Who Speaks,’” said McFarland, who is also Director for Christian Worldview and Apologetics at the Christian Worldview Center of North Greenville University in Greenville, South Carolina. “Never has there been a more crucial time for Christians to truly know the Bible and be able to defend their beliefs in this culture that desperately needs God. I was honored to be a part of this amazing project with some of the greatest defenders of the faith from this generation, including one of the last appearances by R.C. Sproul. I hope those in attendance at TNG will be as moved and energized by this movie as I was, and will go out and make great strides for Christ.”

The God Who Speaks,” produced by American Family Studios, a division of AFA, is a powerful 90-minute documentary that explores the evidence of the Bible’s inspiration and authority through some of the world’s most respected biblical scholars, as well as enables Christians to more ably defend their faith, talk to skeptics about the truth of the Bible and rest assured in the authority of God’s Word.

Director M.D. Perkins says he hopes people will take away a newfound confidence to share their faith after watching “The God Who Speaks.”

“The Bible is the revelation of the Creator and a call to follow Him in obedience,” said Perkins, who worked alongside producer Jeff Chamblee. “At the very least, I hope viewers are encouraged and emboldened to seek the God who has revealed Himself in His Word. It isn’t enough for us to simply admire the Scriptures from a safe distance; God intended for us to take His words and apply them to our lives. If we grow at all in our confidence in the Bible, it should lead us to humility, praise and joyful obedience.” 

“The God Who Speaks” aims to clear up misconceptions about the Bible through major players in apologetics, including Sproul of Ligonier Ministries, Alistair Begg of Parkside Church, Josh McDowell of Josh McDowell Ministries, R. Albert Mohler of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Frank Turek of Cross Examined Ministries, along with many others. Learn more or order at

Also joining McFarland at the March 23-24 Truth for a New Generation event at Life Community Church in the greater Greensboro area of North Carolina will be the following speakers: 

  • Todd Starnes—The popular Fox News commentator and columnist is heard daily on hundreds of radio stations around the nation. Starnes also makes regular appearances on Fox News Channel, including on “Fox & Friends,” and on Fox Business Network. He is the author of several books, including “The Deplorables’ Guide to Making America Great Again” and “God Less America,” and is a frequent speaker. He recently debuted the three-hour, daily “Todd Starnes Show” on Fox News Radio and covers a number of high-profile stories, taking him from Wall Street to the White House.
  • Lauren Green—Currently serving as Chief Religion Correspondent for the Fox News Channel, Green is famous for her straightforward approach to journalism and faith stories. Prior to joining FNC in 1996, she served as a weekend news anchor and correspondent in Chicago and assignment reporter in St. Paul. She has interviewed some of the most prominent faith leaders across the globe, as well as the most well-known people in the classical music world. Outside her career at FNC, Green is also a well-known concert pianist.
  • Josh McDowell—A trailblazer for truth and relationships, McDowell has been at the forefront of cultural trends and ground-breaking ministry for over five decades. He shares the essentials of the Christian faith in everyday language so that youth, families, churches, leaders and individuals of all ages are prepared for the life of faith and the work of the ministry. Since 1961, McDowell has delivered more than 27,000 talks to over 25 million people in 125 countries. He has written or co-authored 148 books, including “More Than a Carpenter” and “New Evidence That Demands a Verdict,” recognized by World Magazine as one of the top 40 books of the 20th century.
  • J. Warner Wallace—As a cold-case homicide detective, popular national speaker and best-selling author, Wallace continues to consult on cold-case investigations while serving as a senior fellow at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. He is also a faculty member at Biola University and Summit Ministries. A former atheist, Wallace took an expansive look at the evidence for the Christian worldview and determined that Christianity was demonstrably true. Throughout his career, he has served as a youth pastor and church planter, then built the Cold-Case Christianity website, blog and podcast as a place to post and talk about what he discovered related to the evidence supporting Christianity.
  • Abraham Hamilton III—A husband, father of four, lawyer, home-school dad and Bible teacher, Hamilton serves American Family Association as its General Counsel and Public Policy Analyst. He hosts “The Hamilton Corner” American Family Radio and has an undergraduate degree in New Testament Biblical Literature from Oral Roberts University and a Juris Doctor degree from Loyola University New Orleans College of Law. In the legal profession, Abe served as a criminal prosecutor, handling major felony prosecutions at the trial level. Additionally, Hamilton’s ministerial focuses include marriage, family, apologetics, biblical worldview training, discipleship and preaching.
  • Tina Marie Griffin—Known as the “Counter Culture Mom,” Griffin is a former actress who reveals how pop culture is eroding the foundational development of today’s youth. She is a leading media expert and has traveled the world to show how pop culture and the media glamorizes harmful behaviors without showing the consequences. She has shared her eye-opening message, “Hollywood Exposed,” at school assemblies, parent meetings, colleges, leadership conferences, music festivals, camps, cruise ships, church services and other venues. Griffin has worked on multiple television shows and movies, as well as for L’Oreal Cosmetics and Limited Too. She was also a contestant in the preliminary Miss America pageant.
  • Kamal Saleem—Having come from among them, Saleem is uniquely equipped with tremendous insight and a wealth of knowledge concerning the true culture and agenda of radical Islam. He is well-versed in the Holy Bible, Koran, Hadith and Sira (Shariah Law). He believes radical Islam is the most broadly disguised present danger to Christians, Jews and all non-Muslim people of the world. Saleem carries a message from God to awaken the Church through the truth, education and relationship.
  • Juan Valdes—With a love for the Lord and a passion to reach both English- and Spanish-speaking people with God’s message, Valdes is the senior pastor of a Spanish-speaking congregation in Florida and has worked at a Christian school as both a chaplain and a teacher for more than 20 years. As an educated and experienced teacher of apologetics, Valdes has taught Bible and philosophy at the high school level, and theology, Bible and apologetics at the seminary level. He speaks regularly in the Miami area, across the country and internationally, at conferences, church services and events.

This year’s conference will also feature VIP “Gold Circle” seating, which will allow participants to interact with the speakers. For more information, a schedule and registration and lunch details, visit

Truth for a New Generation is presented by Alex McFarland Ministries, American Family Association, American Family Radio, North Greenville University and Journey Christian Magazine. The host is Life Community Church, 4900 W. Wendover Avenue, Jamestown, North Carolina.

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