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Stephen E. Strang for How To Get the Biggest Turnout of Christian Voters in U.S. History in 2020

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By Stephen E. Strang for 

By the end of this month, more than half the delegates in the Democratic Party’s race for the presidency will have been won. On March 10, voters in six more states are gearing up for their primaries, and another four states are on tap for March 17. With millions already looking ahead to Nov. 3, what are the issues that will bring out conservative, Christian voters?

I’m not a policy expert, but I am a Christian journalist focusing on the things I know matter most to Evangelical voters. To that end, here’s a quick overview of some key issues. These may seem obvious, but what’s most important to the faithful is the narrative that candidates deliver, which serves as the litmus test of where their hearts really are on the issues. Evangelicals can easily discern if a candidate is giving lip-service to cultural concerns near and dear to those with hearts for God, or if presidential hopefuls are truly concerned about these issues below…

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The American Pastors Network for The Christian Post: Finding you identity in Christ in 2020

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By Sam Rohrer for The Christian Post

As adopted children of God, we have an elevated identity in Christ and should be like Christ — an incredible goal to aspire to in 2020. But what does ‘like Christ’ mean? When we make mistakes and sin every day, it’s easy to become discouraged and to give up even trying to be like Christ. Yet 1 John 3:3 teaches everyone with their identity in Christ purifies themselves as Christ is pure. What does this mean? First, if you’re a believer, we can live in daily confidence. We’re forgiven. The penalty of our sins has been paid!

Second, we can live in victory. While our flesh is weak, the Spirit is empowering. When we lean on God’s strength, we can live out God’s will — God’s way. Understanding our identity in Christ, living empowered by His strength and being grateful to God our loving Father is what enables us to be like Christ and impact the world for Him.

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Save the Persecuted Christians for Lifezette: ‘Christian Persecution Is Happening Just as Jesus Said It Would’

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By Kevin Jessip for Lifezette

Today we stand on the precipice of the greatest-ever Holocaust-like aggression of world domination, as the extreme Islamic ideologies of ISIS have declared Christianity as its No. 1 enemy.

This deluded, false ideology motivates and compels radical Islamic terrorists to murder, rape, pillage, plunder, and wreak havoc and destruction in the name of their god.

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Steve Strang for Lifezette: Christians Can Still Support President Trump in Good Conscience

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By Stephen E. Strang for Lifezette

I didn’t vote for someone who promised to live a Christian lifestyle.

I voted for someone who promised to defend my right to live that way. Why, then, when we support President Donald Trump, do we feel the need to give a disclaimer that we don’t necessarily agree with all his tweets, but we admire his policies and what he has accomplished?

Maybe because we don’t see the bigger principles at work.

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Timothy Plan for Ministry Today Magazine: Why Obedience Trumps Performance in God’s Economy

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By Art Ally for Ministry Today Magazine | Image from Ministry Today Magazine

In 1992, I had a successful practice in Orlando called Covenant Financial Management and an 18-year career as a financial consultant/branch manager. But I felt called by God to make another change. I was very active in the pro-life community and wanted to do much more for God’s kingdom.

My hot button was this: While pastors in denominations often had decent retirement plans, the pastors from independent churches were left high and dry. I began to put together a retirement program geared to helping them on a national scale.

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The Tide for Ministry Today Magazine: Radio Ministry Celebrates 73rd Anniversary of Reaching the Lost With the Gospel

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By Don Shenk for Ministry Today Magazine | Image from Ministry Today Magazine

Especially as we reflect on the past year with Christmas this week, The Tide global gospel radio ministry is fondly remembering this past summer, when we went back to our roots, in a sense.

We celebrated our 73rd anniversary in August by returning to Roxbury Holiness Camp in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, for a special commemoration. This location is full of history for The Tide ministry.

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Mark Minnella for Townhall: The Christmas Gifting Blues

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By Mark Minnella for Townhall Finance

What message do you want a Christmas gift to send? Do you feel your message is limited by the amount of money you spend on the gift? Are frustration, guilt and sorrow feelings that should be associated with Christmas giving?

Most people would agree that Christmas is a spiritual time. But is it possible most people don’t equate the act of Christmas gift-giving as a spiritual act? For example, you may know someone who loves the Christmas celebration and sees gift-giving as a part of that celebration. They believe it is a must-do tradition, without any deeper consideration. Or worse, they may experience it with the dread of fulfilling a social expectation, which in turn causes resentment. Few likely view gift-giving as a spiritual act or an act of worship.

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Stephen E. Strang for Townhall: Promises Made, Promises Kept

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By Stephen E. Strang for Townhall

Long before this week’s impeachment hearings, tens of thousands were filling arenas nearly every time President Donald Trump visited a city. And I was among them. When he chose to announce his bid for reelection in my hometown of Orlando on June 18, 2019, I was there, and I write about the rally in my new book, “God, Trump, and the 2020 Election.”

That evening, the president delivered a 76-minute trademark speech, telling all the things he’s accomplished in his first term. No matter what else you can criticize the president for, he keeps his word. At his huge rallies he likes to say, “Promises made, promises kept.” The list of what he has accomplished is stunning, even if often ignored.

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Dan Celia for Townhall Finance: Optimism Is Off the Charts, and American Consumers Unfazed by Political Turmoil

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By Dan Celia for Townhall Finance | Image from Townhall Finance

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been so optimistic about what is happening in the economy. The latest optimism index dispels all notions of a looming recession. We are living in an economy with business owners feeling very grateful for significant tax relief, so confident that they are set to move forward with business growth plans, all while creating even more plans to raise compensation.

This sentiment abounds and gets even better when we consider the most recent jobs report, fueling only more excitement into this already strong economy. We witnessed not just great but astonishing numbers, and we can give credit to this pro-business administration. An amazing 266,000 jobs added and the unemployment rate down to a 50-year low are major wins for America and American workers.

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