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Best-Selling Author Brigitte Gabriel Is Thankful to Live in America—The ‘Greatest Country on Earth’

In New Book ‘RISE,’ Gabriel Arms Readers with Details She Learned Over a Lifetime About Terrorism—Compelling Data That Will Equip Americans to Fight the Efforts of the Nation’s Enemies

WASHINGTON, D.C.—New York Times best-selling author Brigitte Gabriel has come a long way.

From the underground 8-by-10-foot bomb shelter she lived in for seven years after Islamic radicals blew up her home in a small Christian town in southern Lebanon in 1975, today Gabriel is a passionate voice for equipping Americans to fight the efforts of the nation’s enemies to undermine the U.S. culture at every level.

In her new book, RISE: In Defense of Judeo-Christian Values and Freedom,Gabriel arms readers with the details and facts that she has learned over her lifetime about terrorism—real, compelling data that will motivate readers to unite with other patriots who wish to preserve America’s endangered Judeo-Christian values and freedom.

Daily, Gabriel is thankful she went through the legal immigration process to live in America—“the greatest country on earth”—and says that even in a time of divisiveness across the country, people can come together and find common ground when they put things into perspective.

“As Americans we think we are further apart from one another than we really are,” Gabriel writes in “RISE.” “Although we may voice our disagreements passionately on social media and in the media, an overwhelming majority of Americans can still achieve unity on key issues. I’m talking about the real heart of America, not the out-of-touch D.C. swamp. I’m talking about people like you and me, who wake up every morning, work hard and just want to come home safely in a country that affords them the freedom to live as they please. I’m talking about people who still believe that America is the greatest country on earth.

“Freedom and security are not political issues; they are American issues,” she continued. “Remember, we are all marked for death in the eyes of our enemies. So let us cast off the shackles of division holding us back and call out those pushing these destructive distractions when we see them. America is the greatest country on earth and worthy of both our highest respect and protection. Let the anti-American haters say what they will, but as for you and me and the millions of patriots who realize how blessed we are to have been handed the lottery-winning tickets of American citizenship and residence, we know what we’re thankful for and what we’re fighting for.”

“RISE” contains Gabriel’s most hard-hitting, explosive message yet. It’s not only a warning but also a rallying cry to unite Americans of all backgrounds in a fight for the survival of the nation, the protection of the Judeo-Christian values upon which it was built, and the preservation of the freedoms on which future generations depend.

In the 10 years since her groundbreaking first book took the world by storm, Gabriel has boldly faced death threats from terrorists, condemnation from critics and attacks from the “PC Police,” yet she refuses to back down. Gutsy, spirited, undauntable and resolute, Gabriel now issues a new clarion call to America that addresses the historical and religious basis of our greatest threats to national security.

She started her organization, ACT for America—now approaching 1 million members—in an effort to protect the citizens of the United States from the horrors she experienced as a girl. She is also the celebrated author of two New York Times best-sellers, “Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America” (2006) and “They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It” (2010). “RISE” is published by Frontline, an imprint of Charisma House, which has published 14 New York Times best-sellers.

For more information on Brigitte Gabriel, visit www.risetoact.com or follow her on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. View the media page for Charisma House here.