Best-Selling Author Stephen E. Strang Speaks on America’s Most Pressing Issues Leading to Nov. 6 Election

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Best-Selling Author Stephen E. Strang Speaks on America’s Most Pressing Issues Leading to Nov. 6 Election

Mike Huckabee, Richard Land, Robert Jeffress, Alveda King and More Give Words of Praise for New Release ‘Trump Aftershock’

ORLANDO, Fla.—Best-selling author Stephen E. Strang is an award-winning journalist, respected voice in publishing and a successful businessman who is garnering praise from top Evangelical voices for his soon-to-be-released book, “Trump Aftershock: The President’s Seismic Impact on Culture and Faith in America.”

Out on Election Day, Nov. 6, Strang explores in “Trump Aftershock” how the president’s agenda aims to free the economy, restore the federal courts, address the surge of illegal immigration, rebuild the U.S. military, combat the media’s fake news war, deal with foreign leaders through an unconventional approach, expose the deep state, strengthen ties with Israel, protect religious liberty and uplift America’s standing in the world while putting America’s interests first.

New York Times best-Selling author Mike Huckabee, also a TBN host, wrote the foreword for Strang’s previous best-seller, “God and Donald Trump” and said he wholeheartedly endorses “Trump Aftershock” as well.

“If I wrote a theme song for the Left that captured their frenzied behavior over the last two years, I would definitely title it ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome,’” Huckabee said. “From special counsels with bogus cases built on an unverified ‘dossier’ to social media censorship of conservative voices to liberal bullies who attack administration members—including my own daughter—in public, no one is immune to the tension. Americans feel like watching the news has become a front-row seat to the battle for our nation’s very soul. Among the mainstream media, very little credit is given to the president for his accomplishments and his unwavering stand for conservative values and freedoms, but this important book sets the record straight about President Trump and provides insights into the spiritual aspects of Trump’s presidency as well.”

Evangelical leader, member of President Trump’s advisory board on faith issues and president of Southern Evangelical Seminary Dr. Richard Land also lent words of praise for the book.

“‘Trump Aftershock’ is a simple, yet deeply incisive and informative guide through the political, cultural, and spiritual earthquake generated by President Trump’s election and presidency,” Land said. “Anyone truly seeking a deeper understanding of the extraordinary upheaval generated by President Trump’s election will find Trump Aftershock to be an invaluable resource.”

While critics in politics and media continue to foment an ideological divide in our nation, Dr. Robert Jeffress, senior pastor of First Baptist Dallas, says he’s traveled the country talking to thousands of people about President Trump.

“Without exception, they are excited about this president,” Jeffress said. “Why? Because he’s eradicating ISIS, restoring the economy and appointing conservative justices. In short, President Trump is keeping his promises, which is why his approval ratings are higher than they’ve ever been. I’m glad my friend Stephen Strang has written this book, ‘Trump Aftershock,’ which sets the record straight on the achievements of the Trump administration and the very real opposition he faces. Stephen is not only an author, he’s a journalist who heads up a Christian media company we can trust as a source of news that affects our daily lives. We need more voices like Stephen’s who are unafraid to speak the truth. Don’t believe the lies of the mainstream media. Get the facts from trusted Christian sources like Stephen Strang, Charisma News and books like this. Our president is shaking things up. He needs our support. It’s time for all of us to become informed, stand united, and call for an end to the witch-hunt investigations, fake news and hateful rhetoric of those whose agenda is to bring an end to this president and turn our great nation away from God.”

Evangelist Alveda C. King called “Trump Aftershock” a “for such a time as this” treatise.

“President Donald Trump is truly a world shaker, bringing people to their knees in shock or in prayer, depending on the perspective,” King said. “Kudos to Stephen Strang for articulating the Strang-Trump aftershocks to Trump’s election in a straightforward and honest way. He has the courage to work the ministry of the scribe for our times.”

In “Trump Aftershock,” Strang also explores the president’s effect on American culture from a Christian perspective. His new book will uncover the unreported facts while objectively helping readers understand what the nation’s most unlikely and unconventional president has accomplished, including a featured section on these advancements called “500 Days of American Greatness.”

Strang began his career as a newspaper reporter at the Orlando Sentinel. He later founded a Christian publishing house and media company while interviewing and writing about nearly every Christian leader in the country over the past four decades.

“Trump Aftershock” is published by Frontline, an imprint of Charisma House, which has published books that challenge, encourage, teach and equip Christians, including 14 New York Times best-sellers.