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Biblical Stewardship Rebukes America’s Health Care System

By Michael Thomas Hamilton for The Christian Post | Image from The Christian Post

Each year, Americans “render to Caesar” ungodly sums to pay for federal health insurance programs funded with taxes and increases of national debt. These programs overreach the proper role of government revealed by Scripture, which is to administer justice and deter violence.

It is easy, and right, to blame profligate politicians for squandering our children’s inheritance on bad health insurance programs. But how many Christians hold themselves to an equally high standard as stewards of the dollars they spend on health care?

Increasingly, Christians are discovering the “good and faithful servant’s” approach to paying for health care differs radically from the approach widely endorsed by elected officials, insurers, hospitals, providers, and patients. Meanwhile, untold numbers of Christ-followers fail to do their duty, as stewards, to eliminate wasteful health care spending from their own budgets—and from their fellow believer’s budget.

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