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Schools’ anti-parent agendas, radical indoctrination of children, abuse of good teachers exposed in explosive documentary

March 28, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A groundbreaking new documentary, Whose Children Are They?,released in theaters across the country on March 14, 2022, exposes the radical and inappropriate content being taught to America’s children and what parents and taxpaying citizens can do about it. Churches, schools or other organizations can share this powerful film which is available at WhoseChildrenAreThey.com.

There has been a groundswell of local activity and interest in markets nationwide over this powerful theatrical release. Thousands of concerned Americans flooded to theaters to learn the truth about the indoctrination in public schools, with many commenting on the revolutionary documentary:

‘Whose Children Are They?’ is like a cultural smart bomb dropping at just the right time!” — Christian Toto, contributor at The Daily Wire

“The movie is a triumph! Judging from the many gasps from the audience throughout the showing, people were hearing completely unexpected information for the first time.”— Grandparent and retired teacher from California

“For all the teachers who truly want to teach and help kids learn and thrive in a quality education!” — Parent from Texas

Truly an eye opener. No longer can parents and grandparents sit back and not get involved and be aware of what’s happening or being taught at their child/grandchild’s school!”— Parent from Minnesota

Excellent and frightening. Every American needs to see this!”— Parent from Colorado

Produced by an all-star production team, “Whose Children Are They?” features brave teachers, emboldened parents and frontline experts who show how schools are corrupting children sexually and indoctrinating them into believing that America is systemically racist, boys can be girls, and that Marxism and socialism are morally superior to free-market economies.

Experts include Parents United Founder Deborah Flora; For Kids and Country Founder & veteran teacher Rebecca Friedrichs; Dr. Carol Swain; Chicago teacher Joseph Ocol; investigative journalist Alex Newman; and Fight for Schools representative Ian Prior.

For more information about the documentary and to view the 60-second trailer visit WhoseChildrenAreThey.com. Churches, schools or other organizations can share this powerful film which is available at Faith Content Network.