CCO Leader Looks Back: ‘Jubilee Changed My Life’

As CCO Celebrates 50 Years, Former Chairman Dan Dupee Reflects on His First Jubilee Conference

April 26, 2021

PITTSBURGH —TheCoalition for Christian Outreach (CCO) Jubilee Conference helps college students understand the public implications of personal transformation through Christ. It is a gathering of thousands of college students learning how to worship God with their whole lives.

“If it were not for the Jubilee conference, I would never have become [a leader] of the CCO,” said Dan Dupee, former chairman of the board for CCO. “In fact, I don’t know where I’d be today. Jubilee changed my life.”

Dupee remembers his first Jubilee conference. “I was a freshman at Ohio Wesleyan University when my older brother, Dave, first invited me to attend Jubilee. I had yet to surrender myself to the living God of all creation. Dave knew that. I knew that. And at some subconscious level, I knew that going to a conference like Jubilee would wreak havoc on the status quo. But I went.

“I showed up at the Pittsburgh Hilton on that Friday afternoon [in February 1978], and by Sunday, everything had changed. My life had been transformed.

“Jubilee weekend remains one of my favorite times of year, right up there with Christmas and Easter. I still get excited as I watch thousands of students gather to sing praise songs and to be challenged to live all of their lives for Christ. How many of them have walked in on Friday evening as one person and left Sunday with a whole new awareness of God’s presence in their lives?”

Normally held as an in-person, annual weekend-long conference, Jubilee is designed to help students catch a vision for how they might integrate their faith in Christ into their studies and future vocations – from engineering and science to art and music, law and politics, medicine and mission. This year, CCO held its first-ever virtual Jubilee conference, Every Square Inch. It was attended by nearly 2000 participants, while streaming live in churches across the U.S. and those in the Bahamas and Puerto Rico.

For 50 years,CCO staff have reached out to college students by entering into their world. They are on the college campus daily – at athletic practices, in cafeterias, student centers, coffee shops, residence halls, and sometimes even classrooms. CCO staff meets students where they are.

The college and university campus are the most strategic mission fields in the world, with only 2% of students being reached with the Gospel. CCO partners with local church congregations to help students feel a sense of belonging. A community is formed between the CCO staff and students, who are invited into the lives of local congregations. Through this community of fellowship, CCO is able to minister to the students in a life-changing way.


To interview Dan Dupee or for more information about the Coalition for Christian Outreach, contact, Marjorie Pratt, 610.584.1096, ext. 107, or Deborah Hamilton, ext. 102.