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Center for Security Policy’s Michael Bender in The Washington Times: China’s Indian Ocean build-up

By Michael Bender for The Washington Times | Image from The Times

In May 2018 the United States military renamed the “U.S. Pacific Command” to the “U.S. Indo-Pacific Command” in a largely symbolic gesture as no significant policy changes or shifts in military activity have been announced in conjunction with the move to rename. However, the lack of necessary policy and action items to accompany this step should be an item of legitimate concern as words without action create Paper Tigers.

The aggressive military build-up of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in the South China Sea, and the ongoing conflict this has created with the United States and others in the region, has been the focus of a substantial amount of attention by U.S. foreign policy-makers and U.S. armed forces in the Indo-Pacific Command region for several years now. Continue reading…