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Coalition for Christian Outreach for The Christian Post: Parents, for your kids’ sake, don’t lose your sense of wonder

By Dan Dupee for The Christian Post

My wife Carol and I did not know if we were ever going to be parents. Eight years into our marriage, we had long since borne the official label, infertile. When the day finally came to deliver twins by C-section, I was warned to get some breakfast. “We will have two of everyone in the delivery room. We don’t need you to make things interesting by passing out.”

Two mostly red, scrunchy-looking, beautiful baby boys emerged. The birth announcement was funny (to us anyway), with the image of the Macaulay Culkin open-mouthed, hands-on-cheeks scream, announcing that we were no longer Home Alone. Inside, the announcement expressed both the pain of infertility and the joy of having our first kids: “You have turned our mourning into dancing” (see Ps. 30:11). We felt the same way four years later when our twin girls were born.

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