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Coalition of Christian Outreach for the Christian News Journal: Parents | There’s Hope for Your Great, Scary Expectations

By Dan Dupee for the Christian News Journal

If you are a Christian parent of a child ranging from 16 to 23, I have at least one idea of what might make you anxious almost on a daily basis. You might be turning two questions around repeatedly in your head: “Will my child navigate the dangers of post-high school and make a successful transition into adulthood? When my child gets to the other side of college or into the job market, will he or she still be following Christ?” 

At the core of your anxiety is your changing relationship with your child. While your child is navigating his or her most turbulent, life-defining season, you feel ill-equipped to help. Worse yet, you feel your own sense of power to guide your child shrinking at an accelerated rate.

In fact, according to popular culture, your time of influence is past, and your child’s peers are far more important than you are.  

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