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D. L. Moody Center president: ‘Our entire being should be directed in affection toward God rather than focusing on the trials and tribulations God puts in our paths, and our personal needs and wants’

November 21, 2022

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — Thanksgiving Day is this week, and Americans are preparing for the holiday with decorations, feasts, and time with family. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday prep, many people — even Christians — easily forget the history and purpose of the Thanksgiving holiday. Gratitude and reflection on the past year is often an afterthought.

To promote thankfulness during the holiday season, D. L. Moody Center (moodycenter.org) is leading thousands of Americans through a 10-days of thankfulness challenge. The devotional includes powerful Scripture readings on gratitude, guided reflection, and clear action items designed to implement the lessons into daily activities.

“Our entire being should be directed in affection towards God,” D. L. Moody Center President Dr. James Spencer commented. “In todays’ world, it seems that Christians often complain of the trials and tribulations God has put in their path and focus on their personal needs and wants instead of wholeheartedly praising God during every season of life. During the holiday season, it’s even more important to focus on the gifts the Lord has given us during such a hectic time of year.”

The challenge has received a positive response across the country, with hundreds of Christians joining the challenge and making a concerted effort to have a grateful heart during the holiday season.

Many followers have expressed their appreciation for D. L. Moody Center and their resources:

“I am so thankful for what the D. L. Moody Center is doing. We need a revival. May God use this site again to spur His people toward pure worship, discipleship and evangelism.”

“Thank God for the D. L. Moody Center! We are very much looking forward to the great things God has in store for this ministry.”

“Thankful for what God is doing through D. L. Moody Center. May God enable all our Church leaders to remain strong in these chaotic times.”

The D. L. Moody Center is pleased to announce the launch of its new eight-day Bible plan, Useful to God, on the YouVersion app. Drawing on Spencer’s book titled “Useful to God: Eight Lessons from the Life of D. L. Moody,” this Bible plan examines eight characteristics evident in the Scriptures and in the life of D. L. Moody (e.g., surrendered, prayerful, humbled, undistracted, and studious). Thousands have already completed the plan, with hundreds more subscribing daily.

The D.L. Moody Center is an independent non-profit organization located in Northfield, Massachusetts. Dedicated to preserving and advancing the legacy of Dwight Moody, the D. L. Moody Center is a catalyst for spiritual formation in New England and beyond through evangelism and discipleship.   

The D. L. Moody Center is not a school. Nevertheless, there is much to learn by studying D. L. Moody and what God accomplished through his life which began in New England, at the Northfield, Massachusetts campus, the heart of Moody’s ministry as well as his childhood home.   

Learn more about D. L. Moody Center by visiting moodycenter.org or follow the ministry on Facebook or Twitter