‘Cottage Meetings’ Empower Moms All Across America

Moms for America®: ‘Cottage Meetings Are a Simple Project with Profound Results’

July 26, 2021

DAYTON, OHIO — Moms have common interests that often are not addressed in an effective, persuasive manner by those in the public square or by the current, coarsening culture.

“That’s where our Cottage Meetings come in,” said Moms for America® (www.momsforamerica.us) founder and President Kimberly Fletcher. “We equip, educate and engage moms on their terms –in their homes, growing and nurturing relationships in their family and with other moms in their community.”  

Many organizations focus on public policy and elections, but no other right-of-center organization speaks directly to the mothers of America.

“Connecting mothers to one another and providing valuable resources, Moms for America® helps them fill children with the knowledge, courage, and wisdom to raise the standard of civility and secure the blessings of liberty,” Fletcher said.

“Through inspiring stories, useful examples, and personal experiences, moms learn the principles of liberty and the Constitution. Using a familiar model—home parties—Cottage Meetings are a simple project with profound results.”

Meeting once a month, moms gain more knowledge and understanding of the Constitution, our American heritage, and the principles of liberty by the end of the year than most Americans, and even most elected officials.

There are currently 113 Cottage Meetings in 23 states, with a Cottage Meeting Series streaming virtually that connects thousands of moms across the country. Moms for America® seeks to increase the number of Cottage Meetings to 400 by the end of 2021.

Moms want to be empowered to protect their rights, and Moms for America® can tell them how and guide them specifically on what to do.

Here are a couple of moms who are very happy they signed up for Cottage Meetings sponsored by Moms for America®:

 “I’ve been attending the Cottage Meetings. I’ve been asked by our state senator to consider running for the school board and it seems very providential. I would love to ask you a few questions as I discern my answer. Thank you so much!”

–Samantha from Pennsylvania. She got her answers and is now a candidate for the school board.

 “I love your group of freedom-loving ladies! I love hearing your thoughts about our current situation and what is coming. You speak my language, girl! Glad to know I’m not alone in my thoughts and worries. We can think and prepare and act… even while keeping the faith. You are a breath of fresh air.”

–Tina from Texas.

Moms for America® is helping moms opposeCritical Race Theory, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and explicit sex “education.”

Preparations are underway for MomRise 2021, a national gathering of mothers slated in October and hosted by Moms for America®. MomRise will bring moms together from across the country (in person or via livestream) to encourage and empower them and help moms realize the powerful influence they have in our homes, communities and through our votes.

As part of its mission, Moms for America® produces a podcast with nationally recognized leaders, an interactive, digital MomLinks Magazine, and hosts Cottage Meetings in homes and online during the summer.

Moms for America® is recognized as one of the fastest growing movements of women in America, giving voice and value to the silent majority of American women who love God, protect life, treasure family, and cherish freedom. Moms for America® is a national movement uniting moms across the country on a mission to reclaim culture for truth, family, freedom, and the constitution, to raise a new generation of patriots, and to heal America from the inside out through the homes and hearts of the mothers of America. Moms for America® is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) education corporation dedicated to promoting a foundation of liberty through the mothers of America in their homes, within their communities, and with their vote.

Moms for America Action consists of thousands of moms from every race, religion, and nationality who believe in our Republic, our Constitution, and our God-given liberties. Moms for America Action is the voice of mothers on the cultural and political issues of the day. Moms for America Action strives to faithfully represent the hearts of mothers from all across our great nation—moms who inspire faith and bless America by raising tomorrow’s leaders.

For more information on Moms for America, visit www.MomsforAmerica.us, its Facebook page or follow on YouTubeInstagram or Pinterest.  For more information on Moms for America Action, visit www.mfaaction.com.


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