‘Cradle My Heart’ Pro-Life Videos Debut Monday on Cornerstone-TV


‘Cradle My Heart’ Pro-Life Videos Debut Monday on Cornerstone-TV

One-Minute Videos from Host Kim Ketola Detail the Spiritual Impact of Abortion, Give Personal Testimonies of Lives Changed and Provide the Hope Available to Make a Better Choice


PEACHTREE CITY, Ga.“Cradle My Heart Today” (www.CradleMyHeart.org), which provides daily truth and inspiration to choose and defend life through a one-minute radio feature on more than 800 stations, is debuting a weekly video series on the Cornerstone Network beginning Monday, Sept. 4.

Cradle My Heart’s Kim Ketola, an excellent storyteller and award-winning writer and broadcaster, has used her talents, along with her faith and own life experiences, to unveil one of the biggest untold stories of our time—the spiritual impact of abortion on the women and men who choose it, as well as the hope available to make a better choice.

“We are thrilled to be able to reach the viewers of the Cornerstone Network with ‘Cradle My Heart Today’ videos,” Ketola said. “Our vision is to save innocent lives and heal hearts after abortion—one story at a time. And the stories told through ‘Cradle My Heart’ address the public health crisis of abortion, as well as help those scarred by abortion take a step toward the road to healing. We are so blessed that this new video opportunity can impact even more viewers and share the message of God’s forgiveness, restoration and healing after unintended pregnancy and abortion.”

The Cornerstone Network airs throughout the Pittsburgh region and on about 100 affiliates nationwide, and can also be watched live online, as well as through the CTVN app, the “Pittsburgh Faith & Family Channel” on ROKU and on cable systems throughout Pittsburgh.

One new “Cradle My Heart” video will air each week on Cornerstone, several times throughout the week. The one-minute videos will tell a personal story about an unplanned pregnancy and will also direct viewers to their local pregnancy help centers.

A sample video, “Robin: Unplanned Pregnancy Saved My Life,” voiced by Ketola, is available to view on YouTube.

In the video, Ketola narrates Robin’s story, where the mother who chose life for her baby boy says, “I still went to college, I still met the man of my dreams. I still had a life beyond my unplanned pregnancy. Were things hard for me back then? Yes, they were, but all of those experiences shaped me into who I am today. … I know without a doubt that choosing life not only saved my son, it saved me too.”

Ketola noted that fear drives many abortion decisions, and Robin had those same fears but overcame them through life-affirming support, which she now offers other mothers in her same situation by working in the pregnancy help movement.

Read more about “Cradle My Heart” and listen to a radio sample here…

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Ketola’s story and voice have been featured on many national radio and television outlets, and she is the author of “Cradle My Heart: Finding God’s Love After Abortion.” Additionally, she serves as host and executive producer of the weekly one-hour “Cradle My Heart Radio,” airing live each Sunday at 9 p.m. on several broadcast outlets, including three top 50 markets. “Cradle My Heart Radio” can be heard live via streaming audio at www.myfaithradio.com or on the My Faith Radio app. Several stations in Minnesota, Ohio and Georgia also air the program; check here for local listings.

For more information on Cradle My Heart, visit cradlemyheart.org or follow the ministry on  Facebook, on Twitter @KimKetola, on Pinterest or YouTube.